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AMLO asks not to politicize research when hiring companies


During the morning conference, the president Andre Manuel López Obrador it was questioned –New – iStudies on possible resource diversion in the previous Coahuila administration, through so-called "ghost" businesses.

In response, the president said that if there was, then Attorney General's Office (FGR) move on to the case; but what he described as a "respectful suggestion" he publicly demanded that such cases should not be politicized.

"Last week, I asked the case of the former Coahuila governor, Deputy Federal President Ruben Moreira, said to me that I have no information, but on September 26, 2016, as many as 20 senators have filed a complaint expressing their views on channeling funds through a corporate ghost scheme. & # 39 ;.

"Ask if these types of complaints will go to the freezer or will be checked because there are," the journalist said.

– "If they exist, that Prosecutor's Office (Secretary-General of the Republic) of course, as happens in other cases. All investigations have been continued by an autonomous prosecutor's office. The only thing I can say in this case, and as a respectful suggestion, is that these issues are not politicized, even though they are very difficult, very difficult, "said López Obrador.
Even in that sense The CEO thought it was in Mexico and especially in Coahuilathere was "bad habit of using all these cases for electoral purposes".

"The Coahuila case, I know for a party accused of corruption in acts that I won't even mention or say which party, and it turns out that party's government has taken away this character; that is, double speech on the one hand in the public square saying "there is corruption, there was mismanagement of resources", and over the joint venture contracts, extending the non-criminal offices to members of the same party only as authority. what is already happening with history, with the landfill of history, "said Lopez Obrador.

"What would you say about these types of pacts, say between PAN and PRI," the journalist said.
– "I don't want to get in, I explain. You, as a professional voyeur, may already have all the elements.

I just described a general scheme of what the modus operandi was like in the old mode. That, no, it's not possible.
And don't stop thinking that the prosecutor's office is autonomous and that there are basically all the cases that are handled by the prosecutor's office, "the president said.

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