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What is Tenshin Nasukawa? Floyd Meivets, the next opponent profiled before the revenge fight


You can accuse Floidu Meivestra of many things, but you can not predict it. The unpowered boxing legend has shaken the battle world, announcing that his next adversary is Saitama's New Year's Eve, Japan's kickboxing sensation Tenshin Nasukawa.

Monday's announcement has catapulted a relatively unknown 20-year-old at the international stage, but only what is Nasukawa and how much of the threat he poses to Mayweather?

Independent is closest to the young man who hopes for the first contradiction in Mayweather's unlimited professional record:

He is a martial battle with the slaughtered force

Mayweather shake hands Nasukawa Press Conference in Tokyo (REUTERS)

Nasukawa may be young enough to be the son of Meivet, but he has been fighting for a very long time. His father took him in karate class at the age of five to give him discipline. He then started kickboxing while he was still at elementary school and was a veteran over 100 bouts until he became a professional after the age of 18, accumulating a huge amateur record of 99-5.

In addition to his artistic skills, Nasukawa also has a deep understanding of Muay Thai in training and fighting in Thailand from a new time. His skill and combination of disciplines have made him a very complete and dangerous fighter, who is able to defend himself against most attacks and fight against destructive power and precision.

Striking victories from attacks on the former IBF World Boxing Champion Amnat Ruenroeng and the Lumpinee Muay Thai Champion Wanchalong, but still a teenager was drawn to the wider public at large, and since then he has become the face of the Rizin Fighting Federation, thanks to his skill, chains charisma and aggressive style.

His current kickboxing record is now 27-0, with 23 releases. He is 4-0 MMA. All his professional battles are staged in Japan, and he is mainly struggling against Tokyo.

He's pretty smaller than Mayweather …

Mayweather Speaking in a statement on his latest fight (AP)

Nacukawa, located nearly three inches shorter than Mayweather's only fifteen four-seater area, is ranked in the kickboxing community as a weight loss index ( is ranked No. 8 in the world).

Mayweather's latest battles have reached the average weight, and he has never fought lower than super silver, which means that, as it happens, Nasukawa will give about 11kgs to its most experienced opponent.

He believes that there are foreigners

Nasukawa is an interesting character. Asking an interview with "The Underground" last year, when he thinks he has life on other planets, he replied: "There is definitely a life outside the Earth. I believe that they were here in front of us."

He also chose the tanner as an animal he would most like to be, because "their ability to survive is extremely high," and when he asked to reveal something that people could never guess, he was not satisfied: "I'm scared easily."

He is completely ready for box office Mayweather

Mayweather blocked as Nasukawa at a press conference (AP) put forward a position

The exact fighting rules in the New Year have not yet been revealed and, of course, will be decisive for determining the winner. But if Nasukawa is limited to meteorological shocks, and not against Meivech, then he is convinced of the good luck when so many elite boxers have not passed against him and cut off America's seemingly defenseless defender with devastating shocks.

"It was a surprise offer, but I assumed no doubt," he said at a press conference to announce a fight. "This is the biggest moment in my life, and I want to be a person who changes history. I will do it with these fists, with one punch – just watch."

His younger sister is also a kickboxer … and she's good

Tenshina Nakusawa may not even be a mediocre fighter in her family. His youngest sister, 16-year-old Riri, is also highly appreciated by the new kickboxer, who won his first professional fight against an 18-year-old opponent in June, with 30-3 in his amateur career. On November 11 she fights after Rise 129.

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