Sunday , February 28 2021

"We Will Explore Survey Complaints" – Nation

KUALA LUMPUR: Members of the Association will hear complaints in the party elections, convinced Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the new president of PKR.

He said that all parties to the Political Bureau meeting will discuss all objections to reports and complaints submitted to the camps.

"There are many … (complaints) … we will investigate all.

"We are transparent and most important – the process must be continued and can not be delayed," he told journalists yesterday in the parliamentary lobby.

Earlier, it was reported that the PKR Central Election Commission (JPA) announced that the elections to the Julau Division in Sarawak would not be re-elected, adding that the results of the re-election of the Pensiangan and Tawau membership would be revealed only after the inspections had been completed.

Anwar admitted that there were a lot of neglect among the members, including allegations of lack of transparency and doubtful votes in the party poll during the poll.

"We have to follow a proper process and the party must continue. Whoever wins or loses is an integral part of democracy.

"Those who are unhappy are processes that can be considered and all complaints will be investigated.

"The reports have been submitted to the police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), we will allow the authorities to investigate. The party polls have not been delayed, I want to emphasize it," said the legislature in Port Dickson.

The Burma report cites the chairman of the JPC, Datuk Rashid Din, on yesterday's announcement that the Julau PKR section will not be re-elected, as the checked-up votes and technical analysis show that the number of votes has not been removed and the poll's results are indeed acceptable.

Rashid had added an analysis of the counting results, which showed that all data was safe and successfully uploaded to the cloud server system, although e-voice applications on six tablets were cleansed with Prey Anti-Theft software.

He said that the JPP held a meeting on Monday and heard explanations from operations, systems and IT units and took into account the e-voting system's developer technical reports.

"The results for PKR elections for the Julau Sarawak unit will be uploaded to the official party electoral portal (www.pemilihan in the near future," he said.

Last Saturday, media reported that 10 units of e-voting tablets were installed with the Prey Anti-Theft software, which was used during the Julau PKR election.

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