Saturday , June 3 2023

Watch: Janet Jackson invites a gender equality speech MTV EMA


With Lamar Dawson

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Janet Jackson received a Global Icon Award for MTV European Music on Sunday (November 4th) in Bilbao, Spain, and she was summoned to talk about inequality.

"I accept this award with deep gratitude," she told the folks. "To name the icon, it's a huge honor, but it's a huge responsibility. I feel moved to talk about women whose voices have been damped tonight. I'm one of those women."

She continued: "Women who have been cut off both literally and emotionally, women who are abused, women who are aware, women who have lived, I stand with you. You are my sisters."

Jackson also called on women and men to use their voices and talk about injustice.

"Talk about the spirit that crosses all borders, recognizes the dignity of all people, and confirms the beauty of all faiths," she said. "Talk about true charity acts, small and big, talk of universal love, because it is love that will heal our wounds, love that will give us strength to get to each other's help."

In addition to her speech, 52-year-old Jackson also launched the Made for Now game with the Rhythm Nation and All for you show.

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