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Venom explained: Sony Spider-Man universe stay here


Before Sony's latest "Spiderman" Venom hit theaters a month ago, it was feared that the studio might have fallen.

Critics could not post their films until October 2, only two days before Venom's audience will be screened on Thursday night shows. Such a brief period between the movie review embargo and its release is usually indicative of troubles, which was: the critics scrambled the film, which eventually gained 27% of the critics Rotten Tomatoes.

Sony could not afford another spark after the "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", which was not worrying in 2014. If "Venom" was bombed, it would probably not have won the "Spider-Man" universe (it's still Sony's largest cinematographic property).

"If that were not possible, there's a chance that Sony will definitely go back to the business dealership with Disney," said Business Insider Jeff Bock, chief analyst for freight forwarding. "Now it's in the air."

Fortunately Sony, Venom and hit.

The movie "Tom Hardy" has earned over $ 500 million worldwide with a production budget of $ 100 million. It has an 87% viewer rating of Rotten Tomatoes from 32,000 ratings and B + Cinemascore. At the weekend's opening in October, it destroyed a record label of US $ 80 million worth of cassettes, estimated at $ 65-75 million.

The success of "Venoma" means the Sony "Spider-Man" cinematic universe, which once seemed to be life-support, is to stay here.

Amazing Spider-Man 2
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Sony takes an agreement with Marvel Studios

In 2015, Sony came up with a deal with Marvel Studios, where Spider-Man could introduce the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while Sony retained its distribution rights and creative control. This means that Sony would still be able to capture films based on the film rights of 900 Marvel Spider-Man characters, while Marvel and its parent company Disney could use the nature of their films in general.

The deal took place after Sony's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", which continued its 2012 reboot, floundered at the box office. In the US, it exceeded $ 200 million, almost more than the production budget, after an unsatisfactory $ 91 million was opened. Most of the money came from an international cashier that was not a new focus player but was not enough to meet Sony's greatest vision of Spider-Man to compete with Marvel after The The Avengers had won $ 1.5 billion for two years.

"Everyone had high expectations for it," said Business Insider, Business Assistant Amazing Spider-Man 2, who wanted to remain anonymous to protect future business relationships. "They planned it to at least earn more money than the first one."

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" made it less inland and in the world than its continuation. Then Sony's crackdown took place in November 2014, when WikiLeaks released a large number of private Sony e-mails, data and files. Internal announcements about the "renewal" of the "Spider-Man" franchise and potentially the production of Marvel Studios were revealed.

All of this forced Sony to re-evaluate its planned Spider-verse that included the "Sinister Six" criminals' central spin-off that Amazing Spider-Man 2 was trying to create. Instead, Sony worked with Marvel Studios to ship MCU "Spider-Man: Homecoming" last year, the main star of which was Tom Holland.

"Sony just wants to make a buck and they do not mind throwing s — at the wall to make a buck," a former production assistant said.


Venom helps Sony rebound

If you asked the critics, Venom had another case when the "wall was thrown." But the audience thought differently, and cluster office experts agree that the success of the film is not a coincidence.

Sony calculated the risk with Venom, and now it will be a series, "said Bock. "It seems that Disney needs the Sony Spider-Man over the Sony needs of Disney … If they consistently make the movie audience want to see Disney will buy Sony to get the Spider-Man back."

"Half a billion dollars in revenue for Venom around the world proves that this is not surprising, and despite the critical collapse, the film has found great joy with the audiences that belong to the Spider-Man brand as well as the fact that they cover Tom Hardy, "comScore senior analyst Paul Dergarabedian told Business Insider.

What comes with the Sony Spider-Man?

In December this year, the animated "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" hits theaters. Marvel Studios, "The Homecoming", "Spider-man: Far from Home", arrives in theaters in July 2019. Regardless of the MCU, Sony develops several spin-offs such as Venom, including one feature film by Jared Leto as the vampire Morbius, and one of those who often expresses the Love of My Spider-Man, Black Cat. There's even the possibility that the Spider-Man itself might appear, and whether it's a Tom Holanda MCU version or anyone else is still visible.

Oh, and the sequel to Venom is very possible.

"There is a lot of interest in the result, which undoubtedly will happen in the light of its success," said Dougs Stone.

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Of course, there is a chance that Sony will not start this momentum, and that the "Amazing Spider-Man 2" problem repeats itself again.

Ken Miyamoto, a former Sony story analyst and script reader in 2000 who is now an industry blogger Screencast, told Business Insider that Sony "will clearly explain these names in hopes of repeating the success of the Venom Box. And I just do not see it working with for these characters. No one cares. "

"If you push things too fast to try to imitate an MCU to create related multi-franchises, you're suffering the same fate you did," he added.

But now, the success of "Venom" and the possible success of "Into the Spider-Verse" next month, have positioned Sony well and changed its balance with Disney. Beyond Spider-Man, Sony is developing a movie that hopes to turn into another world of comic book cinema: Bloodshot, whose main star is Vin Diesel and manufactured by Fast and Furious franchise maker Neal Moritz.

"This is just the beginning of Sony's repetition as a cassette difference studio," said Bock. "They do not do it without a fight."

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