Monday , March 1 2021

One roof star Zaibo dies of cancer at age 62, Entertainment news and stories

SINGAPORE, the beloved Malaysian actor and comedian Zaibo, best known for honey salesman Yusof, who entered the sitcom under the umbrella of the 1990s, died on Wednesday (November 14th) on cancer. He was 62 years old.

His wife, 52-year-old Siti Hawa Sawal, confirmed to The Straits Times, saying, "I'm so sad now, give me time."

His family shared that Zaibo died in his home in Johor, surrounded by him and his two sisters.

He was able to talk normally a day earlier, but on Wednesday (at noon) at noon. 12.30, he suddenly tried to breathe. She needed quick help, but when she arrived, her heart was gone. He died at noon At 13.30, his family said, and his funeral and burials will be held on Wednesday (November 14th).

He leaves his wife and nine step children.

Zaibo, whose real name was Zainal Ariffin Abdul Hamid, two months ago told The Straits Times that he had four stages of esophagus cancer that had spread to his stomach, lungs and left lung.

He said, "I know at least six high school students who have died. So, if this is my turn, what's so unusual about it?

"Everyone goes through this process, so there's nothing to be afraid."

When he contacted his former asterisks from one roof, he regretted the news.

Vernetta Lopesa, 45, said: "He was and will always be remembered as the most humble, funny and absolutely loved one.

"Mediacorp Gold 905 DJ" added: "He was such a person who was so talented with a comedy who was always grateful to even the smallest thing, as well as emotional, without fear of showing his favorite side, he was always glad to help everyone."

53-year-old former actor Nicholas Lee said: "I stood at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and chatted with other Under One Roof members about when we would be able to visit Zaibo when I got the news."

Lee, now a group leader in Group X, a video and production group, added: "There is an uncertain way of enjoying talent with talented people and Zaibo is one of those people.

"His gift was to bring joy and laughter to all who surrounded her, and he would not be so thoroughly crafted. RIP my dear friend."

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