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ONE Championship Luck – Chatri Sityodtong's love of martial arts


The Asian Society attaches great importance to excellence and success, and the same applies to the business world.

What many people do not see is the hard work and effort behind the scenes. The success is not easy, and can be confirmed by the local multi-millionaire Chatri Sityodtong.

I had the opportunity to speak with the inspiring championship champion, chairman and CEO of ONE Championship, to learn about their struggles and failures over the years and how it helped him to become the successful figure he has today.

Harvard lived for $ 4 a day

chatri sityodtong
Young Chatri Sityodtong with her preschool teacher / Image credit:

Following the birth of a Japanese mother and a Thai father, Chaitri fell in love with Muay Thai after watching Bangkok's Lumpinee stadium. He also began training at the famous Sityodtong camp at a loving age.

His father was an architect, who later started a real estate agency in the 1980s, helping to raise his family's happiness from "small" to "good work", he said in Straits Times in 2017.

But when the financial crisis arose at the end of the 1990s, their family lost everything, and the father had to sell the "mango on the street" to live.

As the family was struck, Chatri's father later abandoned them, leaving his wife and two sons to flee themselves.

chatri sityodtong
Teen Chatri with her first Muay Thai Teacher, Papa Daorung / Image Credit: Chatri Sityodtong Facebook

At that time, Chatri just returned from the United States after graduating from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Economics degree, but his mother encouraged him to return to countries to study at the Harvard Business School.

"My parents fixed me, my eldest son, to get us out of poverty, and my mother thought that going to Harvard was the best thing. I do not think I could get in and we did not have the money for a fee, so I was very scared about what's going on. , "he told Peak Magazine in 2013.

He succeeded in earning a scholarship, but he lived for $ 4 a day, eating only one meal a day in a nearby armored canteen, where you can eat, and it costs $ 3.25. His mother also secretly shared her dorm room to save her living expenses.

Chatri finally taught Muay Thai and took other odd jobs, such as delivering Chinese food. He also missed the use of public transport and went to his school or other meetings to keep even more.

It was financially difficult, but his time at Harvard was a road to his future prosperity.

From Silicon Valley to Wall Street

chatri sityodtong
Chatri on his Harvard Days with his friends Saurabh Mittal (far left) and Soon Loo (on the right) / Image Credit:

"I was very successful in my second year of business school. My other partners […] were second-year students, as I was, and Soon Loo is one of my best friends in life, "Chatrick said to me when we chatted at our office in the center of Singapore.

The 47-year-old executive said cuddly: "He said:" Chatri, let's start a business together. " [I said,] "No, no, I can not, I'm poor. I have to focus on work." [But] he was persistent [saying,] "Chatri, I want you to be part of it." "

Needless to say, his mother was not worried about this idea, because she was worried that he would lose his father.

chatri sityodtong
Chatri and his mother / Image credit:

She thought that she was "crazy" and felt "scared," but she still fell into his support, as Chatriks emphasized that starting a business was what he really wanted to do.

In his view, both Soon Loo and his own invested about $ 1,000 to launch NextDoor Solutions, a software company that The Peak describes as "eBay for Services."

In the same year, at a Harvard conference, the duo met with an angel investor who, during a day … maybe at a gathering hour, offered them $ 5,000 to set up their own business, according to Chatri.

That's why the 27-year-old went from a master's degree in business to a software start-up co-founder.

"It's crazy, does not it?" Chatri was silent when I asked him how he felt.

"In my personal life, I live on USD 4 per day, I eat one meal a day, and my mother lives in my dorm. On the other hand, I know that this crazy guy Soon Loo, who is currently executive director of Brunei EDB, who was like:" Dude , we have to do it! ""

One thing led to another. We got a half-million dollar seed capital and it was just shocking. I could not believe that someone could give us half a million dollars!

In 1999, after graduating from the MBA, he moved to the Silicon Valley to start the merger with his mother.

He got a small office and was furnished with a cheap table. About eight workers were present on the day, and after office, the office became his home.

I could not even afford the bed. So my mother and I lay on the floor of the office at night when everyone left [tucked in our] Sleeping bags

"Then we do not even know what we are doing [with our] business plan, but we worked very well in the business school, and after we finished we just went to it. "

"We eventually increased risk capital by $ 38 million and later leased 150 people. But after all, we sold the company," he said.

Chatri became a millionaire at the age of 30, but he was not ready to call.

chatri sityodtong
Chatri is practicing Muay Thai / Image Credit:

Growing up, Chatri said that he was fascinated by three things: martial arts, business and stock markets.

"I think to myself:" Look, I "Escaping Poverty", "Putting quotes by hand", "but I did not go far enough to a pension for the rest of my life". "

"So what can I do? I like the stock market. Let me go and find out how to invest in Wall Street […] and learn from the best hedge fund managers. "

He considered himself to be happy when he was head of Maverick Capital, where he managed $ 15 billion from global hedge funds.

"Then I started my fund, raised $ 500 million and made global investments – buying and selling companies […] around the world."

At age 32, he was a multi-millionaire, so Chatri claimed that he was already "determined" [for life]"When he resigned as a hedge fund manager he left Wall Street at the age of 37.

However, he still felt like something "missing from his soul," he said in an interview with CEO Magazine.

"I'm naive thinking that the answer to happiness is to generate a lot of money."

He recalled sitting in a New York sushi restaurant after his company, Izara Capital Management, had gained huge profits after years of outstanding achievements.

Chatri questioned whether all his efforts to make money had been fulfilled, so he finally returned to his first love: martial arts.

Become a Startup Entrepreneur Again

one championship
Image Credit: ONE Championship

At the time he was in the Silicon Valley, Chatri told me that, despite his passion for doing business, he realized that he did not have the same energy in engineering and technology.

However, he found that he was very interested in product development and marketing.

I think the biggest outlet from the Silicon Valley was [I learnt] how to think of as a real product owner and from a user perspective. And, of course, the whole start-up culture [like] how to raise money

Armed with new business knowledge, he launched the ONE Championship in 2011.

chatri sityodtong
Picture credit: Chatri Sityodtong Facebook

"Technology is a big part of what one championship is doing, and I think if I did not have this Silicon Valley experience, I could not apply it so rigorously here," he stressed.

With the ONE Championship, Chatri wants to change the biggest misconception about martial arts: it's about fighting and violence.

Martial arts are Asia's largest cultural wealth. It is part of the material of history, culture, traditions and values, which lasted for five thousand years on the whole continent.

"But what people do not understand is that martial arts, thousands of hours of training, [have] fake in the spirit of our indestructible soldier: integrity, humility, honor, respect, courage, discipline and compassion. This is the basis of Asian values. "

chatri sityodtong
Chatri is practicing Muay Thai 2016 / Image credit: Chatri Sityodtong Facebook

"Without my martial arts, I would never be able to get out of poverty. I really believe that martial art not only gave me the spirit of the soldiers is immortal in life, but it also gave me all the right values ​​to apply in life," he added.

People in the struggle for the Chattres had been in the poorest and richer times, so he made sure that he left it every hour regardless of what.

Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight

He shared with me his other failures in his recent days – how he received the call at his headquarters to fight in order to play the prank that ultimately involved the police and to get bad grades, because he was busy "waking the girls."

When he wanted to create one championship, his mother raised her concerns again.

"She was not afraid that I would be unsuccessful in this regard, but she thought it was a dumb thought," he said frankly with laughter.

She is a conservative Japanese lady and loved her father as her son, who is the managing director who sees Wall Street about 500 million global security funds. It marked all the right boxes: Harvard and Wall Street and prestigious.

True to her concern, the ONE championship was once on the brink of failure.

The first three years of the championship lived in hell. I have rejected thousands of times, I am immediately unsuccessful.

He agreed that people did not understand the vision of his Championship, so many broadcasters, brands, advertisers and even potential employees stopped it.

one championship
Chatri's mother (right) with one champion athlete, Angela Lee / Image credit: Chatri Sityodtong Facebook

"At the end of the third year, I remember calling my mother and saying," Mom, things do not work so well. "

"She looked like:" You see, I told you to say this, "" Chatri gave a knowledgeable laugh.

"We talked even more and then she asked," Chatri, why not just leave? "

"Of course, my mind thought the thought:" Would I quit? "Because literally nothing happened."

But it was good that he did not pull in the towel. Instead, his mother's name sparked him another fire, and he was determined to do it.

From now on, video views in social media have risen from 300,000 in 2014 to nearly four billion in 2018.

joseph training
Joseph Schooling and Michael Phelps ONE Championship / Image Credit:

"Just like Joseph's schooling, [for example]No one is interested in swimming in Singapore. But when he won the gold medal, everyone was aware of an incredible story of how his parents had pledged their house and brought him to America when he was 14 years old, "he said.

"Then [he came] returning, honored and honored, "he stopped."[That’s what] is happening with our world champions [too]. "

"We finally realized that people do not see it because they have a punch, kick or an application. People are watching because their heroes represent their country in the world martial arts stage."

On this note, Chatri often tells his team that, although their genre is martial arts, their platform is based on humanity.

one championship
ONE Championship Athletes Shannon OneShin Wiratchi, Rick Tiny Doll at Ishige and Angela Lee Community Visit in Bangkok in 2017 / Image Credit: ONE Championship Facebook

"In order to earn the best of my life, I must first fight in the worst days. I struggled with death and retreat from my father. If I did not fight, I would not be here today," he said loudly with the table.

"If I had not struggled with the worst days of the ONE championship, I would not have seen the best single day of the championship."

In 2017, it is claimed that the ONE championship is $ 1 billion, and Chatriks himself was the third FOX Sports list for Asia's most powerful sports people.

More recently, the company has increased its $ 166 million series.

How to overcome the failure? Surprise it

one championship
Image Credit: ONE Championship

Chatari later admitted that he had been able to forgive his father before, rather than to keep his anger.

"I watched my father go bankrupt [and] leave the family and we were [seen as] a raped family member, "he said badly.

"In Asia, I agree that we are too focused on success and not enough emphasis […] failure value. What I disagree with Asian culture is how everyone should be perfect, everyone can not fail, and failures are terrible, "he continued.

Failure is a wonderful opportunity to learn, develop and develop, and become the best version of your own.

He, in my opinion, in the Silicon Valley, explained that it was a "badge" of the investor community.

"Ask any businessman and observe success stories in Asia, and you will notice that they have not been able to finally succeed."

When Chathari was at Wall Street, he realized that money was "just a by-product" about what you were doing.

If you're miserable, make mischief, making money does not surprise you. But if you do something [that makes] you are happy and filled, and you are led, you are inspired, then you get the money that is really going to be done you happy

"The world needs inspiring souls who are alive, truly alive with enthusiasm and purpose, so that we can make this world a better place. After all, it's business – making this world a better place."

one championship
"ONE: Kings rule on July 27, 2018" / Image credit: Chatri Sityodtong Facebook

Chattry has his work motivation – he is convinced that the ONE Championship has a positive impact on the world.

When he thinks back to his days in Wall Street or Silicon Valley, he feels like he is living his dreams of life now, he told me happily.

His advice to fellow businessmen: cover the failure, have flexibility and sand, realize that there will be doubts and naysayers and are ready to solve all the problems that come in your way.

"I think big business people are able to attract and retain the very best talent to fight with them," he added.

Never mind at every stage of life [that what you’re doing is] waste of time. When you pour out your heart and soul into something and learn from it, these lessons can become applicable in your life later and help you succeed.

"I will tell you that for one championship this is just the beginning. Watch us for three years, five years, 10 years from now."

Featured image credit: C.J. Sameer Wadhwa

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