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Netflix test feature that allows the platform to control eye movements – Tech News


Why use your hands to choose what to look for when you can simply use your eyes? Netflix's new feature at work lets you control the iOS application with facial expressions only.

On November 7, Netflix's Fall 2018 Hack Day revealed and tested the mobile Netflix app feature that uses the Apple Face ID to allow users to control the application using just eye and face movements. With the unique touch of finger touching the control panel, Eye Do not let you navigate through the program, browse and select the names with just your own eyes – but be ready, because you need to squeeze out your tongue to pause or close the screen.

This feature was built using Apple ARKit – the same thing that was used to make the world animated – to increase the availability of apps. This new form of API could make Netflix easier to use for those with malfunctions: the "hack" essentially places the cursor where your eye looks, and if your view is at a specific point in the screen, tech will understand this short pause as a tap. In theory, and soon, in fact, you no longer need to lift your finger to watch your favorite movies, but you can not avoid the fact that your tongue remains.

Similar features and others that were tested on Hack Day do not always make it the ultimate product, but this event gives developers the opportunity to share and try new ideas that can actually affect digital shelves. This season, during the event, the movie also featured the "Jump to Sharks" function Sharknado. Instead of scrolling through the progress bar, you'll only be directed to the most exciting and graphic parts of the movie with just one touch of a touch.

These functions can never be seen as daylight, or they could be the beginning of a new interface that Netflix will create in the near future. Since accessibility is the main focus of the company, it's likely that Eye will not shape the debut in one way or another, and maybe you will never have to be wary, or Sharknado again.

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