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In F1, Hano will visit Germany in 2020


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The Formula One is an unclear record of planned races in recent times, with the Miami Grand Prix of 2019, debuting the turbulent traffic jams, then gets pressed until at least 2020. But F1 has at least a more compelling plan by 2020: the Grand Prix in Vietnam, which will run on the street and participate in the race trail.

F1 announced a Vietnam rally this week, saying it will be held in the Vietnam capital of Hanoi in April 2020. This is the first new competition to be announced since the series American Owners Liberty Media bought F1 in 2016. And according to the statement, 2020 will be the start of a multi-year deal.

All F1 said adding a race date that doubles from its commitment to the Asian region and is part of a long-term strategy series to expand the attractiveness of the sport and reach new target audiences around the world. "

Vietnam may not have a racing history in Monaco or Macao, but the market has a sense of grand prix. Vietnam has been severely hit by colonialism and devastated individually during the Vietnam War, but its economy is growing rapidly and has been around for years. Tourism goes hand in hand with the economy, one Forbes and travel research company Skift. Obama returned not so long ago.

It's not a rich country, because an analyst with Formula Money quoted Twitter pointed out how many people could even watch the race:

But to be honest, many people do not get NBC Sports even here in America. In addition, the F1 TV now has streaming in Vietnam.

F1 spoke about Vietnam's races before former CEO Bernie Ecclestone told Forbes that he was talking about races with the opportunity to meet with the president for a deal. According to Forbes, plans were diverted to the track near the south of Ho Chi Minh City in 2010, as local rules prevent people from waging sports, but the situation has changed since then.

From the story:

Last year's last year, the law was relaxed for anyone with a monthly income of more than $ 440, and the Vietnam's first racetrack, launched in 2016, to use it.

Its standards are much lower than the F1 specification, known as Level 1 Homologation, but it is reported that in 2016 a track will be considered to meet them. It is understood that a foreign group sought investment in Hanoi and conducted a feasibility study.

Ekleston, although he did not go through Vietnam during his reign, because he said that there is a lack of racing history. From the story:

"He does not have any race history," he said. "Therefore, I did not want to put another race in the same area where we already have very good promoters. And I was criticized for the races in Baku and Russia because they did not have so much racing history."

But Ekleston has gone, Freedom is, and it seems that things seem to be moving forward with Vietnam.

The 3.4-mile, 22-turn ramp foreseen for the race is intended to use the existing combination of roads and some that will have to be eliminated in the race. As we explained, when this plan was released last month, it is called a "partly street-based" course. But the part of the track stained directly on F1 will become a public road when the series is not in the city.

The F1 touts featured on the track that uses a combination of different corners tracks drawn from other famous racetracks, but always recognizes discs. However, the series has an interesting way to describe the layout of the track, though: it wants to experience street races with constant song awe.

From the statement:

The goal was to create a unique hybrid layout combining the characteristics of the street chain with the permanent layout of the rural road within the city's topography.

There was a real desire to avoid the hypocritical corners of the 90-degree road junction and to promote a layout that facilitates racing from wheel to wheel, while maintaining a closed street feeling that makes city drivers so demanding.

We will not know anything until there is a car, but at least this road looks better than Miami ideas.

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