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How to unlock your Piranha factory code •

Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC gives us new characters to play with months after the game is released – a total of six new fighters.

The pipeline is first (or up) Piranha factory, which is free for anyone who bought the game before January 31st, appears next to the game Smash Bros Update 2.0.

Then we have the Fighters Pass to wait – with five more characters that will be added to the game by February 2020.

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Until all DLC arrives, there are many other Smash Bros Ultimate characters to unlock, and once you get it, our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tier list can help you decide who to play. We also have some Super Smash Bros Ultimate tips if you want to highlight the essential elements.

How to Get Piranha Factory Code Super Smash Bros Ultimate


The Piranha factory is available to anyone buying Super Smash Bros Ultimate before the end of January 2019.

However, buying a game is not enough. Whether you buy it from a retail store or digitally from an e-shop, you need to take additional steps to get the Piranha factory code – specifically requesting your gold points from the switch menu screen.

If you bought the Super Smash Bros Ultimate online store then your points are requested automatically – your Piranha factory code will be automatically sent to the address registered in your Nintendo account.

If you physically purchased Super Smash Bros Ultimate first insert the cartridge, select the game icon in the switch game menu, press the + (plus) key.


Then, select & # 39; My Nintendo Rewards Program & # 39 ;, select & # 39; Earn Points, & # 39; from the bottom, and select the Nintendo account where you want the gold points to be redeemed.


When you have requested your gold points check the email address for the Nintendo account. We had the email headline "Your Piranha Plant Fighter Code Here!" And looked like this:


Note that the code may take up to 10 business days to arrive, Nintendo says – and make sure you check your unwanted folders when it reaches the network (Gmail, also see the "Promotions" tab).

If the Piranha Plant code has not arrived yet, contact Nintendo directly.

Once you have obtained the Piranha factory code, you can stop panicking – the code itself is not valid until June 30, so you can rest until the end of January.

To redeem Piranha factory code, go to the e-shop, then click "Recover code" at the bottom and enter the code.


When you upgrade to Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2.0, Piranha will be unlocked automatically.

If you skip Piranha factory code then you can buy it as a paid DLC from February 2019. The price is currently unknown and will not be part of the Fighters Pass.


What else do we know about Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC?

Before the release, Masahiro Sakurai, director of the series, confirmed that DLC Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be released after release.

Each set will have five sets of £ 5.59 / $ 5.99, each with a fighter, stage and multiple music tracks – and no Echo Fighters.

First DLC fighter confirmed as Joker from Persona 5:

You can also get all five as part of the Fighters Pass for £ 22.49 / $ 24.99, which offers a bonus Mii Swordfighter outfit based on Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

All five DLC characters will be released by February 2020.

This list are not includes the Piranha factory, which is a free DLC, if Smash Bros is purchased and purchased by January 31st, and then made available in February 2019. If you miss, it will be available as a paid DLC.

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