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Fortis CEO ends before the board changes


Bhavdeep Singh. Photo by Ramesh Pathania / Mint

Bhavdeep Singh. Photo by Ramesh Pathania / Mint

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The FORTAS council is expected to meet next week to nominate IHH representatives from the government, two people are aware of this issue.

Singh's resignation allows IHH to include its candidate to run Fortis Healthcare when the Malaysian team formally takes control.

Following the approval of the Indian antitrust regulator on October 30th, IHH will now acquire a controlling stake in India's second largest hospital chain, putting about ₹ 4,000 crushes. It will then be offered to buy an additional 26% of public sector shareholders.

"The preference shares will be approved at the upcoming meeting," said one of the two men calling for anonymity.

The meeting will also consider board decisions on company liquidity requirements, including issues such as salary payments and payments to sellers, maintenance of equipment and improvement of infrastructure. IHH will have the right to appoint directors, representing two thirds of the board, following the injection of funds for Fortis.

"They will need to expand the composition of the board by accommodating more participants from the new promoters," said Shriram Subramanian, founder and Managing Director of InGovern Research, a proxy firm.

In July, the Fortis Board unanimously accepted IHH Healthcare's binding offer by curling up a prison hospital hospital for a war of war. The boards of Fortis Healthcare approved IHH's investment commitment to invest ₹ 4,000 crore, giving a preference of 31.1% for a urchin 8,880 crude.

Transaction money is expected to meet Fortis's immediate and long-term liquidity requirements, including through the acquisition of assets from the Singapore-based Religare Health Trust (RHT) and providing an exit for private equity investors in the SRL Diagnostics, Fortis Diagnostic Group. "Most of the amount will go to RVL for the sale of all RHP portfolios," said the other party with an anonymity condition.

On Thursday afternoon, doctors working for the Fortis Healthcare conference were informed about Singh's resignation. Singh said that the problem over the last couple of years in the company did not allow him to spend time with his family. "I believe it is time for me to make this transition now. After two extremely difficult years, the company is now a solid platform and can hope for the future with optimism," he said.

"I am very pleased that business recovery is good in the beginning with a solid improvement that emerged in the second quarter and the October results reflect the best performance that we had over the past 12 months. So the turbulence behind us, the business looks like, and with IHH going to take over the board for too many shareholders in the coming weeks, it's time for me to move, "he said in a statement.

Fortis chairman of the board has taken a resignation, said the branch on the stock exchange. "Singh will continue his current ability until Fortis finds his successor."

Singh is the third largest executive director to resign after IHH won the bidding war. Chief Financial Officer Gagandeep Singh Bedi resigned in August. Business Secretary Rahul Ranjan rejects in October.

Fortis Healthcare chairman Ravi Rajagopal said: "Bhavdeep has been Fortis and has been steadfastly leading from the front. He has consistently shown high-profile business, an extremely strong work ethic and a very strong commitment to build and maintain strong relationships based on However, his continued commitment and commitment to supporting the company did not have enough time with his family in recent years. The company is strong today because Bhavdeep presented leadership. "

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