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As Wayne Rooney takes the lead with England, Christian Pulisic takes the USMNT shell

LONDON, ENGLAND – NOVEMBER 14: US Christian Pulicks (second to the left) takes part in a training session in London, England, London on November 14, 2018, before British and American international friendships. (Photo: Catherine Ivill / Getty Images)

LONDON – Wayne Rooney and Christian Pulisic are 13 years old, during the European golden years playing football in America and Americans in their marvelous years that are brilliant in Europe. They do not know each other. They are never a step at the pitch at the same time.

But on Thursday, when England and the United States collide at the Wembley Stadium, a gentle English striker and a persistent US striker will cross the road at a different and important moment.

Rooney, D.C. United a summer savior, draws the theaters to the front, farewell to the grand opening of the international competition, a year after he left the national team. On the other side he will be friendly.

Pulasika, Feeling from Hershey, Pa. And the rising star for German Titan Borussia Dortmund, will appear only in his second game for the United States this year. After the US program turned to the waves of new players after they could not qualify for this summer's World Cup in Russia, Pulicks inherited the cloak, comparatively speaking that Rooney was when he moved to the world stage as a teenager.

Other US players are playing a significant role, but with Pulicic's experience and ability, it's his team at the moment.

The era of Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard has passed. The veterans who remain in the mix will not try to change the course of American football. Pulisic could.

Although he dropped this year at the age of 20 – college junior age – hopes and dreams of the program for the next World Cycle, and then will remain with him to a great extent.

"I definitely need to be more important to this team member and continue to be a leader," he said on Wednesday. "This is important for the team and me. With these guys it will be fun to move forward."

Pulaski is one of several new US players thriving in Europe and MLS. Weston McKennie, on a regular basis with Schalke in the Bundesliga, is another one.

"Weston and I are both 20," Pulisic said. "It's not like we've seen old guys. We're in the same boat as many other players."

But, as Pulisic has done so fast, and because tens of millions of dollars have come to rumor the big clubs in England and Spain, the wait time to run a national team honestly or unfairly has grown.

"We do not want to put too much hope for a Christian," said US Intermediate Coach Dave Sarachan. "Think that now, in the absence of us, we become a magic group, we are unfair."

In turn, the parallels with Rooney are striking. She debuted with England at age 17 and continued to become the leader in national career assessment (and Manchester United king). However, the burden of waiting for him and the national team was often too much.

Soccer Soccer – England Workout – St. George's Park, Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom – November 14, 2018 England Wayne Rooney during "Action Images" at Reuters / Carl Recine

Rooney acknowledged the same amount this week.

"There was a huge pressure on me and the team," he said at the England training camp. "Sometimes it causes you to try too hard and to be anxious. Sometimes you give too much to yourself and it affects the performances. This is the story of my English career," in which he never let the Three Lions into a big trophy.

Asking the same from Pulicitis, said US veteran goalkeeper Brad Guzan, is asking a lot.

"Wayne Rooney has been fantastic about what he's done for England and his clubs," said Guzan, who has played with Pulicik and several Premier League games with Rocket Forces for two years. "The Christian is still young. He has a lot of great years ahead of him. Do I think he has the ability to do fantastic things in football? Absolutely, but you can not compare it to the Christian shoulders."

Pulicks said he admired Roanne for a long time, although "when he was younger, it was hard for me to follow because I was really young. But a guy with a successful career is what I can look at. I want to be the same." I I want a lasting career.

"He was a very passionate guy and I was watching him. He worked hard. My dad [who was an influential figure in Pulisic’s formative years] always told me he was a good guy to find out. "

Despite a calm attitude, Rooney chaired both England and Manchester United. Now he wears crochet D.C. United

Pulse's driving ability will be far more than an example than talking to speeches.

"It's tough because I'm not a very vocal guy," he said. "I want to show these guys how it's done on a professional level. I want to go and concentrate on day-to-day training. If guys see it, they'll want to do it in the same way."

Pulicks will lead in his own way, Guzan said.

"You can not force someone to do anything. They take it or take it, or they do it in a way. I think that he is one of those who takes responsibility for himself, but at the same time he will not try to change his personality just because coming up with new players. "

USA notes: Antone Robinson an English-born defender, missed about four weeks with a curved ankle that suffered US training on Tuesday. . . . Forward, Josh Sargent is questionable with minor injuries. . . . The England Football Association is waiting for a crowd of at least 60,000. However, the bigger game for England is the United Nations League Sunday against the visit to Croatia, the semifinals of this summer's world champions.

United States of America in England

Where: Wembley Stadium in London.

When: Thursday afternoon 15.00 Eastern time.

TV: ESPN2, UniMas.

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