Wednesday , September 22 2021

Volunteer tactical exercises will take place in Vilnius and Utena areas

During this training, the ability of the 8th team of the KPP BG BG to carry out defense operations in their area of ​​responsibility, in co-operation with other units of the Lithuanian Army and Allies, will be trained and evaluated, the Ministry of National Defense said.

The exercise will train approximately 800 soldiers at one time.

According to the "Strong Shield" mission, the task assigned to the JRC team is to hurt the hostile forces operating in the area of ​​responsibility. Using small unit tactics, the patrols patrol patrols, collect intelligence information and take lawns to the occupied forces, supplies, combat support units, military technology columns, command points, and other important targets.

Exercises will take place in bright and dark days with local authorities and landowners in non-war areas.

Soldiers will travel on foot or wheeled military vehicles, use special equipment, simulation ammunition, explosives, smoke packets and signaling missiles.

The HRP staff evaluates the "Hard Shield" twice a year.

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