Monday , March 1 2021

UrBONUS: M.Kalnietis – for entries in France, "Žalgiris" and funny stories

M.Kalnietis in France once again revealed himself. Last season, Milan's "Olimpia" team was just a nightmare. In the second season, the player is isolated from the team and it is allowed to play Simone Pianigiani at Eurolyg, while playing basketball takes place in separate training sessions.

This undoubtedly spoiled a new team search.

"Most of the team's attitude towards me was that a man went to Milan, his career was already in the second half, and he was not hungry or he wanted to play basketball. I realized that I had to prove that this was not the case," said M.Kalnietis, basketball podcast "urBONUS".

In the summer, with the hands of ASVEL Vilerbann, the 195-cm guard today gains an average of 12.3 points, reaching 51.7 percent. three points, plays 2.6 points, performs 6.4 successive transfers, and compiles after a point of 16 usefulness.

The ASVEL team is the leader in both the EuroCup group and the French Championship, and M.Kalnietis is a very important reason.

VIDEO: UrBONUS: M.Kalnietis – for entries in France, "Žalgiris" and funny stories

Mantas Kalnietis basketball podcast "urBONUS" on: French underground peace (03:00); French Basketball Exotica (04:30); Three-Point Target Record (09:00); silly situation in Milan (12:12); future plans at the ASVEL club (15:20); Punky Tony Parker Reminder (17:00); conversation with S. Pianigiani lift (at 22:00); M. Kalniete's career as a trainer (23:40); yourself and the NBA World of Foreigners (at 26:00); forecast "Zalgiris" (28:30); (no) return to Kaunas (30:00); how to throw clubs (33:30); why does not Kalnietis have Instagram (36:30); ideal choice system (39:30).

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