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The reconstruction of Skane Square is confusion

Even the faithful fell

On Monday evening, the presentation of the project revealed representatives of various maritime ports communities, organizations and politicians.

The mother does not understand the unstoppable safety issue of the river, the "green" – the trees are cut, the architects questioned the originality of the idea, historians lacked an historical motif.

Representatives of the wealthy community also cherished critics, expressing their concern that the beginning of the square, which took care of both years, was moved.

Two companies, the Hydrosphere and the ICS projectus group, carried out embankment design works, access and area. The second leader, Algirdas Alijošius, claimed that the main goal of the specialists was to preserve nature, historical memory, talks with urban communities and planned changes in the population.

"Over the last two months, we have had a lot of work with people who are very worried about the city of Klaipeda. We met with more than 40 active citizens, we have implemented about 70% of the ideas and ideas we have proposed." Of course, everybody will probably not, "said A.Alciusius.

Almost 6 million euros

Preparations are underway to arrange the Canyon Riverbank (420 m) from Birzai Bridge to Bastionu Street, Dangu Square with a fountain to change the blanket cover, install small architectural elements, children's playground and green areas.

ICS projectus group visualization

"We are talking about a rather sensitive place that people have been waiting for many years and we plan to start work next year. We would be late," said Saulius Budinas, Director of Klaipėda Municipality Administration.

The square design contest was conducted on the principle of economic efficiency – 60%. The number of votes in the contest was determined by the idea, 40% – the price.

"We are buying the most important projects of all time, especially in terms of economic efficiency. We try not to choose the cheapest option, because at the lowest price we will never buy the best," said Budin.

The estimated project value is 5.9 million. European Union funds are expected to receive about 3.4 million euros. euro

Trees will not move unnecessarily

According to the leader of the ICS projectus group, the Dangas square will become the exclusive community park of the city, where guests of Klaipeda and the city will be able to walk and admire the countryside.

The square will be dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lithuania and will reflect this combination of time and historical heritage.

According to the designer, seaport scientists chose the most significant and significant national centenary periods for Klaipėda.

The data path will be turned on, random, realistic, reflected in a specific time period.

"One of the most important moments is the time zone of the historical memory, because the park is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lithuania's independence, since Klaipėda has changed from 1918 to the present day. We also proposed artistic quays and family free time zones," said A.Aliijošius.

According to the director, the green area will not be reduced, only bad trees will be planted, for example 16. Five plan trees and two shrubs will have to be removed in light of the planned solutions. However, 56 new trees will be planted.

"We wanted to keep each tree, so we decided to move two trees to another place: one silver spruce that did not begin to" write off "and a beautiful bush that grows close to the bridges. These are quite new plants, so there will be no new plants. problem. " – said A.Ališius.

Fathers did not hear?

After discussing with the port city artists, it was decided that the amphitheater zone will appear on the shore of the art, next to the jet there will be a large landscape, where different events, performances of young artists will take place.

ICS projectus group visualization

If the arts and music space will work continuously, the park will become attractive all year round for both locals and tourists. There are also places for cafes.

For the safety of parents with children, there will be mountains in this area.

By installing a projectively dynamic fountain, the environment will become more appealing to people of all ages and will provide informative function.

When hearing the message, Aušra Zarambienė, the chairman of the Lithuanian Parents' Forum, cried out as if the only request from parents – safe berths – would not be satisfied.

"We, the parents, are worried about the precarious berth, and we are convinced that they will stay the same. Although money is invested, there are beautiful stories about covered mountains, it seems that parents will be able to rest, sleep and children will swim in the sky at that time. We have not heard about it? We talked about it for four years, parents are afraid to go to the river with children, because it is not safe, "- said the chairman.

Architects are brutal

"I'm amazed at you, but it reminds me of Basanavicius Street competition in Palanga in 2005. I have not seen such a tempting subject. If we understand it, it will be very sad, it's a pity for the work of colleagues," said architect Edmunds Benetis.

I will delay you, but it reminds me of the 2005 Basanavicius street competition in Palanga.

A. Aloyos called this note democrats for proletarians.

Historian Dainius Elertas raised the issue of urban identity.

"Everything is beautiful, we could see the same area in Ukmerge, Kretinga, maybe Balbieriskis, even abroad. More are universal, wooden berths are due to the full Scandinavian countries. I want to remind that this place is the city's moss, because it was actually formed as the rum destroyed by the structure of urbanism, and here we do not see the reminders of a former building. A message of the century does not change where it is identity? "- asked Ellert.

The chairman of the Klaipeda Regional Architectural Council Edmundas Andrijauskas was angry that the project did not co-operate with the architectural community.

In their opinion, the designer Kęstučis Mickiewicz also had sharp comments, but still it is not worth talking about the implementation of the project, because "they see the basic premise of an error."

The troubles of Klaipėda are that everyone can do the work of a designer.

"The problem is that everyone can do design work in Klaipėda, but it is a profession and there are certain rules," – said K.Mickiewicz.

Klaipėda City Council member Nina Puteikiene has asked for an order from Klaipėda departing depots if they do not support recovery solutions. A city government politician will request a suspension of the project and new publications – a public call for competition.

However, government plans are unlikely to change. Shortly after receiving the construction permit, the municipality will announce the work competition. It is planned that the reconstruction will be completed within two years.

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