Sunday , March 7 2021

The Mero team is a new advisor

Mayor of Klaipėda Vytautas Grubliauskas – new advisor. This report has been from November 16th. begins to go Natalia Sadovskaja. It will help the mayor in public and international communication, culture and other fields.

Natalia Sadovskaja was born and raised in Klaipeda, worked at the Klaipėda State Musical Theater, and in recent years – in Kiev (Ukraine) in the Academic Theater and Theater Theater, where she worked as Deputy Director and Chief Administrator.

"I am pleased to receive a proposal to join the Meteor Team – it is a great opportunity to return to Klaipeda and work in the city's home. I hope that this work will also help my accumulated international experience," says N. Sadovskaja.

The new mayor's advisor, N. Sadovskaja, will replace these positions on November 15. leaving Albert Barasu. However, A. Barauskas will continue to serve as public advisor to the mayors' team.

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