Tuesday , May 24 2022

The land to be taken will be compensated for forest areas


Wednesday In the sitting of the Seimas Committee on Rural Affairs, a bill was adopted according to which the acquisition of land for public purposes by implementing projects of particular interest to private individuals could be repaid not only in cash at market value but also in an equivalent land parcel.

The committee agreed to use such a wage option for forest land, but the compensation would be left to the buildings only in cash.

The National Land Service announced in January 2018, according to statistics, only 278 thousand were left in Lithuania. ha of free land fund land (this figure includes all land use land) from 6.5 mln. ha of total land in the country. According to January 1, 2016, the Land of the Free Land Fund amounted to 115 thousand. ha of agricultural land.

During the meeting, Deputy Director of the Land and Resources Policy Department, Aušra Kalantaitė, said that such a model was chosen because there are no free plots in the capital to compensate for a person's land.

"There is a forest calculation methodology: the value of a forest is calculated on the basis of the value of land and stands, and then it is calculated how much the forest area occupied by a person in a city is proportional to the area of ​​the forest land. The man comes, sees projected plots or either chooses or does not want to.

We have evaluated the situation in the city of Vilnius and, according to the territories of the free territory provided by the municipality, we clearly see that if there is still enough land in Kaunas for those who want it, it will certainly not be enough in Vilnius. Therefore, again, one of the motives is to choose the decision to return to the compensation of the forest, and the fact that the municipality does not guarantee the restoration of plots in Vilnius ", – said A. Kalantaitė.

Remigijus Žemaitaitis, Member of the Seimas Committee on Rural Affairs, does not support such a decision, arguing that it is not possible to compensate for other land.

"Lithuania was the first to make movable property immovable. How can a land or forest equivalent be? This is (remuneration – ELTA) only in monetary terms, what is the value of the land in this territory," said R. Žemaitaitis at the hearing.

When the amendments to the Forestry Law are prepared, the Seimas Committee on Rural Affairs will return to this project.

The government has evaluated this proposal negatively. As stated in the Government's conclusions, the bill envisages the possibility of compensating its owners for the purchase of private land owned by the state by granting an equivalent parcel, and the state can only fulfill the obligations assumed for a small part of the landowner, as there are currently sufficiently small free-standing lands.

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