Saturday , March 6 2021

The birth of the tributary heir: Prince of Charles 70 Words

His work is missing, and there are no signs that he will slow down. He is rich, he is very active in his questions and is waiting for the fourth grandchild that he will receive in the spring of the Sogue Meganam of Sousseque.

But his destiny is to become king – he will automatically take up this position after his 92-year-old mother, Queen Elizabeth II, dies.

When this happens, Charless will be limited by the constitutional requirement of the monarch to refrain from attempting to influence politics. At the same time, Charles can lobby for the fight against climate change, support organic farming and combat genetically modified crops.

This is what he does at the same time as he increasingly leads and monitors the long-standing charity "Prince's Trust", founded 42 years ago, which has already helped hundreds of thousands of new British people.

Does the tort of a birthday tune in large numbers mean that the prince of Elegant Prince has time to relax? Under no circumstances says Charles' wife Camilla, the Duke of Cornwall.

"I do not think he thinks he's in the 70's," she wrote about her birthday greetings The Telegraph Magazine. – I think he's just that number. He will not slow down in any way. You probably will be kidding. I still tell you that there comes a bit of pressure. It's not very much, but it's a lot. You need to pause a bit. "

In the royal family, there is a slow, unmatched turning point. In 1997, her patriarch Prince Philip was officially departing from public life, although she sometimes seemed to support the Queen.

The Queen, meanwhile, continues to work actively, but is already missing out on long trips to 53 nationwide coastal camps, and this year it was an unusual step and forced the Commonwealth states to announce that Charles would be another leader in this group. Commonwealth job title is not inherited.

Charles's support was expressed unanimously, reflecting not only a decades-long assessment of Queen's work, but also the belief that Charles is very loyal to the Commonwealth.

Charles also gained a more visible role in representing the queen in some important national events. He was the last time he did this on the remembrance day of the First World War and World War II victims on November 11 when British soldiers were served. He helped the monarch's crown on the grave of the Unknown Warrior, and he himself watched the ceremony from the balcony.

However, his travels abroad and the media in his country are not as interesting as younger, more photogenic royal family members and their dear children.

Charles is, in fact, amongst different generations: between his mother who ruled since 1952, a symbol of respect and continuity, and two very popular sons – Prince William and Prince Harry, who, together with their wives, began to symbolize the future of the world's most famous monarchy.

Will and Harry also remind many of their mummy, late to Prince Diane, who was abducted in Paris in 1997 after unlucky divorce with Charles, who for some time lost his power in British society.

This is William and Harry – and the dukedom of their wife Cambridge, Catherine and Sasex, the Megane, are flashing in glossy magazine covers rather than Charles' 70th birthday. It is these young royal people who are considered to be charming modernists who are learning to communicate with ordinary people, and Charles is sometimes perceived as rigorous preaching and a man away from society.

Camilla says the public does not understand what "incredibly enjoyable" and funny Charles, and William and Harry took part in the rare interviews with the BBC on their father's anniversary, expressing their satisfaction with the fact that he undoubtedly used the Welsh prince's position to address a number of important issues, protection .

However, Harry, who partially slammed the British public for his ridiculous smile and joy, encouraged him to mitigate slightly, often adding to his remarks.

"I would have encouraged him to remain optimistic, because I think that very angry and negative is very easy," Harry said. "But I hope that with his children, grandchildren and even some expectant grandchildren he will be able to take energy from the family and then continue his leadership."

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