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Rokas Baciuška went to the World RX qualification in Barcelona, ​​waiting for the second trip in the evening

Rock Baciuškos begins late because previous Super1600 competitions were extended due to accidents.

There was no accident

The strongest supercar class also avoided accidents. Herve Knapick, who started in the first group, went over the roof. Red flag on the road. Back then, the leader was Abu Dhabi winner Kevin Hansen, but the start had to be repeated. In addition to Anton Marklund, who did not start the first trip (to the red flag).

But Kevin just got better. During the change of route it reaches the best track result.

Rock Baciuškos begins

The stone avoided the first round of contact struggle, but tried to avoid unnecessary risk. He tried with Liam Doran, who loved him very much. Finally, he didn't answer it.

In the final round, Rock could move to third place, returning to Joker after a good return on the track and overtaking Timo Schneider. But German wisely pushed Lithuania to the side, and Rock was behind.

The court, like Abu Dhabi, failed Oliver Bennet. She once graduated from the MINI. This time – on the track near the crushed stone.

We will wait for the second rock trip around 17:00.

Hand Baciuška said that on Saturday he would start to work in a not very comfortable position. The second group of riders from fourth place.

VIDEO: Saturday's first WRX qualification in Barcelona

"It means there will be no songs. The fourth position is unfavorable because you are neither inside nor inside. If all the members of the group get up at the same time, there is no big room for maneuver in the fourth place, because here in Barcelona the first stage will be a big one. If you fail, you will have to wait for your moment, ”said Rokas Baciuška.

Rock Baciuškos start times

The first two World Rallycross Championship qualifiers will be held on Saturday at 10:00. 12:45 and 16:55 Lithuanian time, and on Sunday, the participants will start with the other two qualifying competitions (10:25 and 11:50 after Lithuanian time) and finish the last race, which will start at Lithuanian time.

In Lithuania, the World Rallycross Championship will be broadcast on TV6 on Sunday at 15:00. Fans who want to watch all the races in the race can be found on the official Youtube Channel at the World Rallycross Championship.

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