Sunday , February 28 2021

L. Linkevičius, a political scientist and priest with the Ukmerges community, discussed the future of the European Union

Foreign Minister Lina Linkeviča participated in the discussion "The European Union: How to maintain unity" in Ukmerge. During the meeting with Ukrainian people, they tried to listen to their views on the European Union and hear their hopes about the future of the EU.

"According to the polls, our citizens are very optimistic about the EU. However, in a bad sense, we are leading the countries of the region and the indices of intolerance of the country. This is demonstrated by the opposition to the ratification of the Istanbul Convention – this reference document seems to contradict our traditional values, although it in fact, is aimed at eliminating violence against women and children, "said L. Linkevičs.

Debate on "The European Union: How to stay united?" It is an integral part of the "My Europe" organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its aim is to clarify in a public debate how society in each country imagines the future of the European Union, which is relevant to citizens. Similar events are organized in other European Union countries.

Simultaneously with Ukmergė district municipality, the moderator was Police scholar Lina Kojala, head of the Eastern European Studies Center, and was attended by priest Richard Doveika.


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