Wednesday , March 22 2023

Ireland just won New Zealand in its history for the second time


The New Zealand rabbis first occupy all the black spots, and the Irish is the second. Even after this match, New Zealand will keep its first place on the planet, but before the game, Dutch trainer Steve Hansen said that the winners of this game could be called the strongest in the world.

In the first quarter, the teams changed their penalty shootout. Irish fans defeated Johnny Sexton with three subtle beats and Beaudens Barrett doubled away.

The only humiliation in this game is 48 minutes. earned by Irish Jakob Stodile. He grabbed the ball forward and grabbed it into the census area. During the rest of the game All Blacks managed to get only three B. Barrett points.

New Zealand's rugby Ireland has surpassed history for the second time. This happened for the first time two years ago in Chicago.

Last weekend, two European Championship trophies in Lithuania were also played. In Holland, they won the Polish team even 49: 0, but the Swiss team home 17: 5 beat the test.

The results of other more interesting, friendly meetings:

France – Argentina 28:13

Scotland – at 20:26

England – Japan 35:15

Italy – Australia 7:26

Georgia – Samoa 27:19

Romania – United States of America 5:31

Germany – Canada 10:29.

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