Tuesday , March 2 2021

Good news for patients: it will compensate for more medical devices

People with diabetes mellitus will increase the choice of leased medical devices, reports the State Hospital Fund of the Ministry of Health (VLK).

Patients who require smart insulin pumps at their home health care institutions can lease them at the expense of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (PSDF). This option allows patients not only to receive essential services but also to save at least several thousand euros a year, says the VLK report.

"In celebrating World Diabetes Day, we are pleased to announce that from now on the list of medical devices that are hired at the PSDF's home is included and known as smart insulin pumps. For many patients, and especially for children, these pumps are more convenient or even very important. because they are used with a permanent glucose measurement sensor that allows you to measure blood glucose and stop insulin injections if blood glucose levels are lowered. Therefore, nowadays, people with diabetes have the opportunity to choose and rent the most appropriate insulin pump for their needs, "said VLK's orthopedic engineer compensation department Head Giedrius Baranauskas.

The cost of renting intelligent insulin pumps for patients with type 1 diabetes for 100 percent is offset by the PSDF's budget. Also, four permanent glucose measurement sensors are included in the monthly reimbursement of these pump insulin pumps.

A smart insulin pump can be used at home if you need continuous glucose monitoring over the age of 24 years. as well as pregnant women and women who are planning a pregnancy (for up to 1 year, when diabetes is uncontrollable). In addition, patients should receive at least 70%. It's time to use glucose measurement sensors to use an insulin pump with these sensors.

"The appointment of medical devices is always decided by the board of physicians. Severe insulin pumps are used in patients with diabetes mellitus if their use helps to reduce the incidence of hypoglycaemia, if it is severe, or if the feeling of hypoglycemia is disturbed and it causes a person's consciousness, seizures. then if you can not recognize or report symptoms of hypoglycaemia. This is usually for children under 5 years of age with diabetes or people with disabilities, "explained Baranauskas.

Those who want to rent an intelligent insulin pump should contact a company that has a contract with VLK to reimburse the cost of hiring medical devices. The company will sign a contract with the patient for the delivery of insulin pump, after-sales service and continuous maintenance.

Until now, the rental of intelligent insulin pumps has not been compensated, so people should buy not only the same pumps but also glucose sensors for their own resources. On average, one patient spent 2700 euro per year on one patient. From now on, PSDF will be reimbursed for the rental of intelligent insulin pumps with 4 permanent glucose sensors for almost EUR 5,400 per patient per year.

It is estimated that nearly a million people will have to repay the annual rental of intelligent insulin pumps. 400 thousand PSDF budget resources.

Compensation for the lease of medical devices – new only this year has started the provision of sickness funds. PSDF is currently paying for artificial ventilation and a simple insulin pump hire.

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