Thursday , August 11 2022

Five Latvian banks are operating at a loss this year


Citadele generated LTL 24.451 million in this period. EUR 4.041 million for Industra Banks. PrivatBank – 3.698 million euros. Baltic International Bank – 1.179 million euros. EUR 0.979 million Expobank. EUR loss.

Swedbank is still the most profitable profit from Latvian banks – its profit in the first nine months of this year was LTL 59.913 million. but was 28.1%. more modest than a year ago.

SEB’s profit decreased by 25.1 percent. to EUR 28.285 million, Rietumu Bank – 12.1%. up to EUR 18.108 million.

Rigensis Bank increased its profit by 52.4%. to EUR 6.352 million, LPB – reduced by 4.3 percent. up to EUR 4.734 million.

Signet Bank’s profit increased by 14.2 percent. up to 618.8 thousand. Regional Investment Bank decreased by 48.4%. to 1.96 million BlueOrange decreased by 34.9%. up to EUR 2.991 million.

The association does not have January-September profit data on Luminor and OP Corporate bank branches.

It is announced that the three-quarter profit of Latvian banks decreased by 45.8%. up to EUR 107.495 million.

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