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Experts have indicated what kind of bread is really healthy


The Food Board's report says consumers are still lacking the knowledge of what to look for in labels and their content. How Much Fibers Should Be Bread? How much sugar or salt? What is the difference between added and natural sugar? R. Stukas and product development manager of Fazer Lietuva Tadas Aleknavičs put forward the main features that prevent misleading in various labels and products.

Fiber materials are the main criteria for choosing

The importance of fibers in the human body has begun to debate today at a particularly high level. According to Prof. R. Stuko, this is due to the fact that in recent years there have been many research data proving their benefits to the body. Therefore, a diet specialist recommends choosing bread to draw attention to, first, the amount of fiber present in it.

"What would happen if there was one magic tablet that could speed up metabolism, prolong life expectancy, control blood cholesterol or reduce cardiovascular disease?" It is possible that such a tablet is not available, but there is one component – fiber. Unfortunately, Lithuanians do not get enough fiber to eat food. So breads could help solve this problem, "says a nutritionist.

Fiber increases the nutritional value of a product rather than its biological value, as it is important for many physiological functions of the body. T. Aleknavičius points out that most fibers are found in breads with additives – cereals, seeds or vegetables.

"Today the consumer is increasingly looking for bread fiber, so it's natural that more and more products appear on the shelves." Most fibers are found in whole-grain bread products, especially rye or oat flour products. Also, the fiber content is increased by ingredients such as vegetables or fruits, various peas, nuts or bran. This type of bread, the amount of fiber per 100 g product can reach 10 grams, "- says a conversation companion.

Experts have indicated what kind of bread is really healthy

According to R. Stuko, the average content of fiber per day, which varies according to age and sex, reaches 25-30 grams. Foods containing 100 grams or 6 grams of fiber are high-fiber products, if they contain at least 3 grams of fiber, we call them fibrous sources. So, after eating a lot of rye or oat bread pieces per day, we consume a lot of fiber of the recommended fiber.

Bread is not only a source of carbohydrates but also a protein source

There is a recent tendency for dieters to replace animal proteins with plant proteins. There is a growing debate now, the more protein you can lose weight.

"In recent times, it is becoming increasingly popular to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed, as a result of which consumers are increasingly looking at barriers more protein. Thus, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds increase not only in total daily diet but also in the purchase of bread. On average, 100 grams of bread may contain 8- 10 grams of protein, and if it contains legumes or different seeds, it can reach 12 grams ", says T. Aleknavičs.

According to R. Stuko, we do not see bread as a source of protein, so that all this thing is unfair. In particular, the protein content should pay particular attention to those who reduce or completely abandon animal products.

"Bread products with higher fiber content contain less carbohydrates and therefore automatically contain more protein. Looking for more protein-based products, it is worth paying attention to whole wheat oat flour, which means they have less carbohydrates and more protein," says prof. R. Stukas.

Sugar bread

Sugar bread

Less salt and sugar

Sugar is a word spoken by many who promote a healthy lifestyle. There is a growing tendency to reduce or even to abandon the amount of sugar consumed. The public opinion poll conducted by NEPA on behalf of Fazer Lietuva last summer showed that about 60% of respondents chose bread when choosing bread, the Lithuanians are paying attention to the amount of sugar in it. According to R. Stuko, this is one of the most important criteria for choosing a health-friendly bread.

"Experts propose to choose bakery products that do not contain more than 3 grams of 100 grams of sugar. Consequently, there is a growing number of initiatives to reduce the amount of added sugar in foods, one of which is the green" core hole "label, which means that the product is smaller sugar, salt, saturated fat and trans fatty acids, as well as cereal products – more nutritious fiber. When you see a bakery product with this sign, you can be sure that you are choosing a quality product, "says the professor.

T. Aleknavičius emphasizes that two concepts must not be confused: sugar and natural sugars are added. The latter naturally occur in the bread making process, as well as in ingredients such as vegetables or seeds.

"The consumer should always look at the label, not only in the nutrition table, but also in the sugar content of the product, but there are some grams of sugar, "says T. Aleknavičs.

R. Stukas also adds that there should be no choice between bakery products containing 100 g of product containing more than 1 g of salt.

"It is great that the composition of the bread and its nutritional and biological value are becoming more and more important to consumers. However, they still lack knowledge, so the green key hole marking could be a good starting point and strong argument for those who do not know where to start and what to look for on packages," says T. Aleknavičs.

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