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Why do scientists repeatedly warn about the taste of electronic cigarettes?


More evidence draws attention to discussions on the safety of e-cigarettes, highlighting the aroma of fruits and other additives found in electronic cigarette liquids that seem to cause inflammation and weaken the lung function, and even more so, the new findings suggest that the short-lived exposure to electronic cigarette smoke Exposure causes inflammation Similar to those that occur when subjected to traditional cigarette smoke.

The new study, published in the American Journal of Physiology, was done by mice, not by humans, by scientists from the University of Athens, Athens. Scientists divided the mice into four groups and subjected the mouse four times to different chemical doses. One day with a break between each and the other for about 30 minutes.

Four people are exposed to traditional cigarette smoke, and the second is aromatic electronic cigarettes derived from vegetable oil, called propylene glycol. The third was exposed to electronic cigarette vapors containing parabenyl glycol and nicotine while the other was evaporated with electronic cigarettes Contains propylene glycol, nicotine and tobacco.

Three days later, results showed four infections, mucus production and lung function changes. However, the group exposed to nicotine steam and tobacco smell showed more negative effects, especially if they were exposed for a long time. In addition, the group had an increased incidence of inflammatory proteins, such as histamine levels, and confirmed that exposure to these components poses a higher risk for health. Other species severity.

The American Journal of Physiology reported that the group's exposure to electronic cigarettes compared to traditional cigarette groups was astonishing for researchers. The level of oxidative stress in the level of the cell group in the seasoned season was equal to or greater than the normal level of cigarettes.

But before moving on to bold conclusions, looking at this study, there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, this study was done with mice, not humans. Secondly, it is difficult to compare e-cigarette smoking by placing animals in a closed cell four times a day with a 30-minute interval. Thirdly, all the effects studied have short-term effects. Since e-cigarette smoking is a new trend these days, studies focusing on this phenomenon have not been prolonged, which explains the constant contradiction in its security.

However, this study is based on a wealth of evidence that electronic cigarettes have a lot of health problems. However, the current consensus still maintains that they have a lower risk of health than conventional cigarettes.

At the end of the study, researchers commented: "The harmful effects of lung by electronic cigarette vapors on animal models highlight the need for further research to test the safety and toxicity of these devices, which are expanding significantly throughout the world.

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