Monday , March 8 2021

The Prince of Saudi Arabia honors the football team after winning the Asian Youth Cup

Prince Mohammed BinSalman, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, received the President and Members of the Saudi Football Federation and the Al Yamama Palace Youth Football Team to reach the Asian Youth Cup and the 2019 World Cup in Poland.

According to the SAC, the Crown prince welcomed the Saudi Arsenal youth football team and their players for their dignified appearance and the achievement of the Asian Youth Cup and the World Cup qualification, emphasizing the importance of continuing to make greater efforts to raise the kingdom's name in preparation for membership in international forums.

At the end of the reception, the Crown Prince honored the President and members of the Saudi Football Federation, administrative, technical and medical institutions and Saudi national footballers.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Director-General for Sport, Directorate-General for Sport, and Deputy Director-General for Sport, Prins Abdul Aziz Bin Turki Al Faisal.

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