Friday , February 26 2021

The fight between judges and lawyers … ends with the billing!

The dissatisfied justice wing in Lebanon was divided into days and hours before they came last night. Lawyers and judges stood face to face. Melanie hearts and nerves tense. Meetings and related notifications. "Judge Knights" focused on their captain Andrei Chidiac, in their modly, condemning some of the "justice guards" performance. Disputes in which lawyers were waiting to suppress "some arrogant judges" after arrest and secondment of a lawyer from court and he was sued for compensation to a number of lawyers and judges for contempt for the human body as the applicant's request for compensation to the Animal Welfare Society. At the appointed time, hundreds of attorneys attended the lawyer's home. The captain decided to hold a meeting in his office before being taken to the grass with the participation of a large number of attorneys. Five points are followed by a law firm in Beirut to meet "extraordinary events and adversely affect the rights of lawyers in their judicial missions". He began working on "lawyer immunity" that would not hesitate to discourage the power of the judiciary. "The Supreme Council of Judges is the legal representative of the judiciary," he said, criticizing "illegal legal clubs" after he condemned "the practice of some judges and judicial staff who rank him attorneys." He explicitly referred to a "judge club", in which several lawyers and the Court of Justice declared threats to the Northern Bar Association judge Samara al-Bahri in an action against Nabil Raad, a lawyer. Al-Shadiq rejected "unacceptable measures against the lawyer for arresting a lawyer, denying doubts and defaming". He expressed his rejection of "harming the dignity and lack of staff of some lawyers in lawyers so that they would exercise superstition and arrogance in dealing with them." He referred to lawyers' complaints about judicial activities, which were related to delays in hearings and delays in judgments. The captain made a speech by inviting lawyers to meet with the chair, keeping the union's council meeting.

The bar was almost completed, while a number of lawyers did not retreat to protest against the captain's place that had designated him as a "martyr." Although the captain touched all the points of controversy, they found a statement "disappointment" because he was happy with the seating without warning. However, sources in the Beirut Bar Association stated that the statement was rigorously worded without a regular impact on the authorities. The trade union sources advocated by lawyers to deal with the difficulties of reaching an agreement. This happened after the night after the Supreme Judicial Council meeting, in which a statement was made on the relationship between judges, lawyers and court assistants. This statement was positive for half-way lawyers. He welcomes the prestige of judges, lawyers and assistant assistants, emphasizing the lawyer's immunity and the need to appeal to competent judicial authorities to prevent impurities that can be applied to any lawyer by a court or court. He also announced his intention to restore the tradition of ancient ancestors and his pain to intensify the meetings between the Supreme Court of Justice and two lawyer associations (in Beirut and the North) and in the near future to organize a joint seminar to achieve the goals. Al-Akhbar learned that the purpose of the seminar was to bring opinions closer and to restore judicial control and to activate the Disciplinary Board in the Bar Association in order to respond to all those who have committed serious violations against them.

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