Monday , March 8 2021

The country is against its rivals in Lebanon

The question is very routine. Lebanon relies on two electricity trading sites: one is provided by the state and the other is a producer group. This duality is the result of the Lebanese state's failure to restore the correctness of electricity before the civil war three decades ago. Today this special group is exceeded by the state. I want to control my counters and reduce their prices, taking into account the interest of the state in citizens' money, and promote "administrative reform". It is important that there have been battles between the country and this group. The group is no longer a group but a "generator of owners", it has its own committee and announcements, its public associations, lawyers and pride … which are located outside the borders of the country, which makes it easier to defend them.
The stories of these "gathering" stories, based on the years of "planting" districts, show that the small size of the struggles, villages, cities and alleys leads to "big" generators, that is, the strongest or most influential ones. They prevent any young or middle-class competition.

"Generator Pool" acts as a state of the country, it has no prestige, no decision "

Participants in this gathering did not meet the decisions of the Minister of Economic Affairs and responded better to the "riot" of the state. It is forbidden to "strike", that is, to refrain from delivering electricity to citizens for two hours as a warning to the state. Before introducing this "strike", they made a statement to the people saying that they did not and do not want to harm them, but rather when they were serving them with their own attention. Their "strike" is to preserve the freedom to use citizenship without checking and viewing; their demand is LBP 1000 per kilowatt of electricity, exceeding the ministry's price (Ministry: 3000, installation: 4 thousand). Both, the state and the "assembly" do not miss the opportunity without informing the citizens about their love for them.
Between the two rams still have to be resolved. Maybe he will be emptied of his air at night, and he will talk and forget about it. And it can develop, and the result is darkness over the blind. But the important thing is that the "set of owners' generators" acts as a state of the country, it has no prestige, there is no decision. This, thanks to the organization, overlapping and influence, will lead you to the emergence of another country, stronger than this "gathering" and the parents of it.
The birthday of Monday was almost the same: the Lebanese state had to protect the state borders with Israel after the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. But the head of a group that was organized and funded to take up this task was the Hezbollah state. This organized group was able to understand the decision of war and peace in Lebanon, and the country competed for influence and decision: the country in the country. The second part with the first major national missions, with clear first-level superiority. With electricity there is something like: the state is not able to regulate electricity. Cooperates with a special power insurance group called "Generator Set". But the country now needs liquidity by launching a campaign to collect owners in generators to collect Malalim in the collectors' exchange process. This "assembly" opposes it, and fights against it in these malaysia and almost dominates. The Generator Owners' Community is a perfect example of an ideal state. An example has succeeded, created and can serve as an organization model for a country without borders. This is a de facto model that can not be ignored. These lost borders are those countries where the state distils the state and becomes one unit or at least two intimate organizations that have survived in recent decades to create a country that will eat it away from the state.
Now look at the total analysis of nanoparticles for this competing collision. It notes that the Minister of Economic Affairs, who is directly responsible for official decisions, and the confrontation with a "set of owner-generators" belong to the Aounist movement. The Minister, who is the Minister for Energy and Justice, is enthusiastic about his struggle. He announced his intention to develop specific legislation to punish "insurgents for administrative measures", accusing the "assembly of labor" of "the national hand". All this is to say that this fight for electricity in its very specific context is hampering the formation of a government in the difficult complex set up by Hezbollah, known as the "March 8th," and President Michel Aoun, the leader of the Aoun movement, against Hizballah. What is needed for every battle of Lebanon means that it is a "mining process", like all Lebanese law battles, and that this movement is in the context of the Austrian movement and the Hezbollah tension.
If this true analysis is correct, then there is a trifle in front of us. This Aounist movement, which had a strategic alliance with Hezbollah and which was covered by an international and Christian party, responded to it by increasing its president to the top of the republic. Bunch properly

"The state is not able to regulate electrical affairs by cooperating with a special electricity insurance group, called a" generator set "

The duo is on it. Are they stronger than her? That's what got them, not the ones who made them. For him, as an important part of the current people and the reform, one has to do something to act as if he is arriving in the treasury, bankrupt with money, and will raise money. In this case, there is no harm in the Duwailah al-Duwailah test, maybe it is the Awn movement that gains some country. He can not be closer to the great state of law he has. He can only be "Harkada" in smaller states, so his Minister of Economics is a defender of national law, he has played a role on stage and is fighting. And then they do not, if the battle is lost or profitable. So what does this mean to win a country or win the "Generator Assembly"? What will actually determine electrical performance? It is important to move roles, to revitalize the tree, to give a certain slogan "strong president" and homogeneity of waste for days.
You see, how many countries are built in the shadow of the Great State, all these years?

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