Sunday , February 28 2021

Significant adjustments in real estate taxes to ease the burden on the industry

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Cairo – Mohamed Salah – Finance Minister Dr Mohamed Moait said he is working on a major amendment to the Real Estate Tax Law, where the factories complained about the problem of calculating land tax liability, stressing the need to reduce the burden.

The Minister of Finance at the Egyptian-Lebanese Business Association's seminar on Tuesday evening will continue next month and the Finance Minister will amend the partnership law with the private sector, pointing out that there are "many" partnership project contracts after the revolution, but there is a full plan for a project partnership with the sector. the office.

Fathallah Fawzi, President of the Egyptian Lebanese Business Association, said that the private sector is the main partner of the government in reaching the vision of 2030 and providing capital flows to projects. He pointed out that there are 1,400 Lebanese projects in Egypt with a total investment of GBP 4 billion. Among the Arab countries that invest in Egypt.

Fathallah announced the holding of the Egyptian-Lebanese Business Forum in Beirut on November 23rd.

"Egypt has crossed the difficult phase with its wise leadership, its government and youth," said Vice President of the Association Fouad Khadra. "Egypt's exports of just $ 20 billion can double, especially for the African and Arab markets..

He called for measures to be taken by the private sector, representing customs procedures, increasing the number of inspection laboratories, cutting taxes on income, industrial activities, especially labor-intensive, combating smuggling and activating the white list of affiliated companies, in order to increase the competitiveness of Egyptian companies.

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