Saturday , January 29 2022

Ryan Geller ignites controversy with “Bodyguards” … and the audience laughs


Saudi Arabian social networking site celebrity Ryan Geller sparked a discussion with a video showing a large number of bodyguards.

Gellers appeared in a video and a group of girls transformed Egyptian star Mohammed Ramadan into popular tunes, suggesting a show and humiliation.

Followers were outraged by his comment, in which he said: “People do not enter the garden of success without skipping stations of fatigue, failure and despair, and a man of strong will does not prolong standing in these stations, Joker Ryan Geller.”

Geller’s position received widespread interaction among followers, who attacked him for good luck and asked about his role and what he showed to the public, other than to spark discussion.

One follower said, “Their reward is to imagine with them,” and another asked him, “What success are you talking about, what are your talents, and what are you offering to humanity.” The third described him as “living in a role,” and the fourth continued, “You are not famous.

A few days ago, Gellers embarrassed one of his fans who wanted to film with him, and in his video, which he posted on his website on Snapchat, he said he was in a cafe with friends sitting, and behind him sat a group of young men who sat at the table, and they clicked on him and said that the person was raising problems and disagreements, and indicated that he had decided not to answer them.

Geller continued the story that a quarter of an hour later someone came asking him to be photographed, and before he spoke, he rejected his request and shocked him by shamefully saying no, and he continued to laugh as he spoke.

A few days ago, Gellers surprised his followers with a shocking recording and video of his suffering, which he is now experiencing several days after the uproar over Badra Al-Mas’s death, releasing longing for Hadi. Ryan then posted a video in his account on Snapchat, shattering in tears, not saying a word, and not revealing what had happened to him.

And he wrote, “O God, from thy servant to my lord and my lord, I touch me with evil, and thou art the merciful of the merciful. .

Gellers sent a message to his followers saying, “I love you, my followers, I love you all. Please don’t forget me, please don’t leave me.”

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