Tuesday , June 22 2021

Rods with Vegetables: A delicious meal today attended lunch

We offer how to cook steaks with vegetables. There is no doubt that it is a tasty dish in which the steak is homogenized with carrots, corn, squash, mushrooms and garlic. Make the vegetables well cooked.


Kolo from the sliced ​​meat

Mushroom package

3 carrots

Two pieces of squash

Kukuru pack

A half of the garlic grain

One quarter cups of lemon juice

Black Pepper Salt Brush

Bhararu sweet soup

Soft cinnamon brush

Preparation method

After adding the juice, the spices are soaked with lemon juice

Cut the vegetables after washing and then cut them into small pieces

Make a steak with a tray in the oven in low heat and add water as needed

Add vegetables to a steak and cook in the oven

After serving meat and vegetables, give it a warm season

There was also a cheese soup with tomatoes

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