Tuesday , February 7 2023

Rami Ayach Reveals Asterisk "Namber One"


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Rana Salah Al-Din – Cairo – follow the 365 Gulf coast

Lebanese singer Rami Ayach spoke about the details of his new album, his personal life and the singer who considers it the first place in the Arab world.

Interview with Amr Adib and radio channel mbc in Egypt, Rami Ayyash said: "The artist who considers him the most suitable in the whole Arab world is Amr Diabs, because he has kept Egypt's mirror for the best for 30 years. What is this?"

He added: "It does not save much of Amr Diab's songs, but there are songs that I learned from him, and especially his old songs."

Amr Adib commented on Rami Aish's words, saying: "What is Bigralush any need, no sales, no need and Psegger," which caused audience rage Amr Diab.

On the other hand, Rami Ayach revealed information about his new album, which he collaborated with the art company "Mzika", and confirmed that he was about to release songs Singel from the album is scheduled to be released the next month.

Lebanese artist, who last Sunday restored the concert of the Arabic Music Festival and sang a group of songs, including "God to you to Egypt" and then sang "in the place and I love you and I enjoy Vicki and Khalini with you, the Raya people, the crazy and vice versa, Number of children ».

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