Sunday , March 7 2021

Pneumonia could kill 11 million children by 2030

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Pneumonia could kill nearly 11 million children worldwide by 2030, warning the Johns Hopkins University Medical News.

Based on the current rates of infection, Nigeria, India, Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo will be the four most affected countries, but more than a third of these fatalities – 4.1 million deaths – can be prevented by vaccination, effective treatment or good nutrition, according to with the University's report.

Researchers predicted a high incidence of future lung infections, according to WHO's "rescue" patterns.

The results suggest that, based on current trends, around 10,865,728 children will die from pneumonia in the next 12 years. Nigeria has the highest number of deaths with 1730 000 deaths followed by India with 1710 000 cases, followed by Pakistan with 706 000 cases, followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo (635 000).

According to the "Save the Children" organization, pneumonia destroys more children than malaria, diarrhea and measles. Last year, nearly 880,000 children died. Across the world, mostly without a second, due to illness.

Australia's "Save the Children" leader, Paul Ronald, said: "It's believed that nearly one million children die each year, because what he has confirmed is a disease that we have the knowledge and resources to win. There is a vaccine available and antibiotic costs are only 54 Centers in the United States .. Children are poorly nourished or live in the worst affected cities.

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