Sunday , January 29 2023

No Hezbollah official with President Aoun or a new government has been dated


News – Republic: No Hezbollah official with President Aoun nor a new government
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Thursday, November 8th

President Michel Aoun said that "President Michel Aoun looks forward to promising proposals that can be resolved at any time to resolve the Sunni knot, especially those for which he has been informed and advised."

The "republic" indicated only the relevant services that the communication will continue without actual or practical results. There are no suggestions that can be written in the list of exits that can be created and put today.

She stressed that "the President of the Republic of Egypt on his relationship with everyone and wants to maintain a position of power in order to successfully manage the next stage."

Asked about the possibility for a delegation or Hezbollah officials to visit Aoun, Baabda's sources denied that there was an official or party delegation in the daily schedule.

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