Tuesday , March 9 2021

MP Bahia Hariri presented the situation of refugees in Lebanon and the situation in Mieh and Mieh camp with UNRWA Director-General

MP Bahia Hariri met with UNRWA's Director General in Lebanon, Claudio Cordone, who, with the assistance of Dr Ibrahim Khatib and Cordonie Christine Moussa, director of the agency Saida region.

The meeting looked at the situation of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, in particular in Saida camps, the work of UNRWA, providing them with basic services, as well as the steps taken by UNRWA to mobilize international assistance to help the Agency mitigate the financial crisis.

The situation at the Al Mais and Mieh camp was also discussed after the UNRWA schools' calm and correctness at the work camp clinic and ways to complete the return of all aspects of its normal life by rapidly removing the consequences of recent collisions, in particular for infrastructure damage.

They also discussed how to start with the start of a waste separation project from the Sidon Taftarz source at UNRWA schools in the city and at the Ein el-Hilweh camp.

Cordieri spoke after the meeting and said: "We thank His Excellency, Mrs Bahai Hariri, for her continued cooperation with UNRWA and its continuing refugee situation in Lebanon and in Saida, especially after the recent events in the Mieh and Mieh camps. We also thank her for her initiative at the UNRWA School involve the waste sorting project from the source.

"On Monday, we are opening schools and clinics, and today we came to visit the camp and see what basic needs are, especially for infrastructure, emergencies and emergencies, focusing on the humanitarian dimension, and we hope that life will return to normal," said Cordon . At the camp

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