Monday , September 20 2021

Legislative necessity and formation requires victims

At the time of the memoir memorial ceremony by MEP Hannu Qubaisi, the "Development and Liberation" moment, Ein Qana said that "there are many regimes that were handed over to the enemy of Israel and were defeated in front of him. We will continue to maintain the inflexible opposition option launched by Imams al-Sadr and gave up its power. from persistent martyrs and our people, and their faith in them and the justification of their choices were and will remain in the name of our pride and dignity together with the army and the people, in order to deter Israeli aggression. "

He said: "It is not sensible and does not understand how some Arabs are moving forward in the process of normalization with the Zionist community, which is Judaism and low Palestinian cause, and the right of the Palestinian people to return to their country and establish an independent state with the capital Jerusalem."

Regarding the government's situation, he stressed that "it is necessary to accelerate the formation of the government in order to save Lebanon, especially in view of the difficult financial situation." Some of them are surprised at the demand for a seat here or there, given the growing crisis at various levels. Lebanon ".

He criticized "the voices opposing the House of Representatives' legislative sessions" and asked: "What do they want? Do they want to stop everything?" He called for the interruption of the institutions, suspicion that legislation is needed for the motherland and the citizen.

"We do not want the thieves in this country to steal people's money. Corruption requires interdependence," he said. And the solidarity of all the blocks does not allow anyone to hide behind sects and doctrines to cover the spoilers. "

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