Friday , June 2 2023

Learn about the Dangers of Macaroni Diet.


In recent years, the noodle diet has been famous, but there is a doctor who has identified the risk to humans following this diet.

Russian Academy of Sciences dietitian and lecturer Margherita Karalova warned that after the "noodle diet" When you notice this kind of diet, unusual symptoms will not be initially observed, but prolonged persistence (months or years) will have a bad effect on your health and you will experience symptoms of inaction, nausea and slow knowledge.

Caralova emphasized that it is dangerous to eat such carbohydrates on a daily basis, which can lead to pancreatic dysfunction, and type 2 diabetes, as well as those who have these types of nutrition, are not enough vegetables and fruits that provide them with vitamins and salts. Minerals necessary for the immune system to function.

Nasvine Diet is a diet that has become well-known in recent years, and it's important for a person to take certain quantities of pasta and starch daily in addition to protein and special samples of vegetables and fruits.

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