Saturday , June 10 2023

Human Director General Ibrahim's efforts to compromise the Battalion


The chief general said that this uncertainty and expectation did not create an interest in finding a practical solution to the March 8 parliamentary crisis.
In this regard, an informed source revealed that General Secretary General-General Abass Ibrahim went to Paris to negotiate with candidate presidential candidate Saad Hariri for a compromise between the Sunni minister and six Sunni members, President Michel Aoun and not calculated for him or Prime Minister Hariri.
Sources point out that the President of the Republic seriously accepted the task of solving the problem of Sunni MPs, despite his objections to his former minister, and asked one of his closest partners to work for Hezbollah to consider the demands of the senior opposition minister, Aoun and Hariri agree with one side to would name the average Sunni figure outside the advisory bloc, one of the four remaining Members, "Najib Miqati Osama Saad Fouad Makhzoumi Bilal Abdullah".
Informed sources told Major that there are no new records in the government-building paper, especially in connection with the assembly represented by independent members of the Sunni government in the government.

Source: Major General

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