Tuesday , September 27 2022

Han Shaker Creates Arabic Music Festival Eighth Night (Photos)


Big star Hani Shaker played on the eighth night of the 27th Arabic Music Festival and Festival at the Egyptian Opera National Opera in Cairo, where is the name of the beloved artist, Shadia.

The saber participated in the ceremony featuring Maestro Ibrahim Al-Muji, led by Maestro Ibrahim Al-Muji, under the direction of "Master Ibrahim Al-Muji", a tune "The Most Valuable Word in Presence", and for several months illustrated the selection of the most beautiful works of art. His emotional and patriotic works, including: "If you are cleaned, I love you, you go to Egypt every night, if you love, forgot it, pray for love, forget you hard, promise me for your love, for laughter," between the sincere applause audience.

The festival will take place from November 1 to 12, with 43 artistic performances at seven theaters: Al Kabir, Al Saghir, the Arab Music Institute, Republic of Damanhour, Alexandria, Tanta, attended by 72 artists and artists from 8 Arab countries, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain and Jordan, "and this year he chose the late Shadia star as a personality.

The course will also be dedicated to musician Michel El Masri and violinist Saad Mohamed Hassan.

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