Friday , June 9 2023

Hammene takes over his son … after his health has deteriorated!


Newsweek revealed that Iran’s top leader, Ayatollah Ali Hamene, “has handed over his powers to his son with growing concerns about his deteriorating health and the country is facing growing tensions with Israel and the United States.”

Sources from within Iran reported that Iranian leader Ali Hamene handed over all his powers to his son Mojtaba after his health deteriorated at a time when the country was experiencing many crises, the last of which was one of its most notable murders of nuclear scientists about a week ago in Tehran.

Iranian journalist Muhammad Ahvazi wrote in his Twitter account that “Iranian sources have been talking about Hamenei’s deteriorating health since Friday,” adding that “Hamenei’s loved ones are very afraid of his health this time.”

He said sources had confirmed that “the responsibilities and powers of the Iranian Supreme Leader’s office have been transferred to his son Mojtab Hameen, who oversees several Iranian security and intelligence divisions.”

Ahwazi said: “It is not yet clear why Khamenei’s health has deteriorated, whether it is because he is suffering from prostate cancer or another illness.”

He explained that “Khamenei’s health has deteriorated further since Friday, leading to the summoning of senior doctors from Masih Daneshwari Hospital in Tehran.”

The Iranian journalist said that as a result of these events, the meeting scheduled for Friday between Khamenei and Iranian President Hasan Ruhani was canceled.

In a previous report published last January, the Financial Times reported that there was an intense fight in the corridors of the Iranian regime over the choice of Khamenei’s (81 years) successor in a decision that would determine Iran’s fate in the coming decades.

She said Khamenei’s successor has potential candidates, namely 51-year-old Mojtaba, who is studying advanced religion at a seminar in Rome in Coma, and the other is Ibrahim Raisi, a strong chief of the judiciary who lost Rouhani in the 2017 presidential election.

It should be noted that in November 2019, the United States imposed sanctions on Mojtaba Khamenei and Ibrahim Raisi on charges of supporting terrorism in connection with the fortieth anniversary of the attack on the US Embassy in Tehran.

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