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Flash – Australian Kahil completes his international career only five minutes to Lebanon


Sydney (Reuters) – Australian captain Tim Cahills has completed his 38-year international career over the past five minutes in his 108th international match against Lebanon on Tuesday at the Sydney Olympic Stadium, his coach Graham Arnold said on Monday.

The friendly game is part of the preparations for the 2019 Asian battles in the UAE, starting on January 5, and Australia defends its home title in 2015.

Graham said he plans to make the most of this preparatory game and will give Kahil with 50 international goals and four World Cup matches, the last of which is the 2018 World Cup.

"The first 85 minutes will be fully dedicated to our performance," said Fox Sports trainer.

"There are no other friendly games for us, so the last five minutes will be Timmy," he added on the eve of the team's last international game this year.

"The short time he is expecting to spend on the square on Tuesday will be the best five minutes of my life," said Coheel Sydney's Morning Herald.

"I'm sure I'll get the chance," said former Everton player.

Kehil won a good goal against Lebanon on September 6, 2012 at the Sidon Municipal Stadium in Southern Lybar, which ended with an Australian 3-0 victory.

On Thursday, Lebanon played Uzbekistan 1-1 with Brisbane, while in the final edition of the Asian Championship Australia played 1-1 with Brisbane 1-1 in South Korea.

Australia is in Group B, which includes Syria, Jordan and Palestine, while Lebanon is in the E group, which includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar and North Korea.

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