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Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (ETISALAT) Gains Profit During a Session – Morning Analysis – 14-11-2018

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Thank you for reading the details of the Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (ETISALAT), which reduces the gains during the session – morning analysis – 14-11-2018, and now with information

Dubai – Bassam Rashed – Forex News Today, during the session, the stock dropped when it closed on Tuesday at. 16.88 dirhams, close to the discovery price of 16.86 dirhams, after he managed to register an increase of 17 sessions of the dirham session, which is the current resistance level pushed. The stock is reduced by a sales signal in the MACD index that opens the door to the stock for the next level of support 16.65 AED would be reduced to the first level and then AED 16.35 as the second level if the stock is below 17 dirhams.

Today's session price range is between the support level 16.81 The resistance level is AED 16.95

Today's general trend is slower

Thank you for reading the details of the Emirati Telecommunications Corporations (ETISALAT) during the session – Morning Analysis – 36-1. 365 Gulf Coast – 14-11-2018, the profit is reduced and informs that the content of the topic was written today with Forex news and may have been completely transferred or quoted from it, and you can read and follow the news about these news. of Main Forex New Link Source Today we are not responsible for the content of this post with the best wishes for Happy Day.

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