Sunday , February 28 2021

Eight of those handed over to the Lebanese authorities to the Americans postponed the suspension to 15 k 2

The Permanent Military Court, led by Brig-Gen Hussein Abdullah, postponed until January 15 to eight arrested courts arrested by international coalition forces in Syria following the end of the Raqqa battle. The Americans were handed over to the Lebanese authorities in August. Some of them came to the Civil Service Tribunal, and one of the accused was not a defender.

Mohammed al-Awad, Ahmed Harqous, Mahmoud Khader, Abu Ali al-Tayeb, Fadi al-Kurd, Muhammad Othman, Nabil Qamar al-Din, Qasim al-Muzakizq and Badr al-Muhammad are accused of belonging to a terrorist organization and participating in military and military actions. And encourage people to join the organization. "

On the other hand, the Permanent Military Tribunal led by Brig-Gen Hussein Abdullah did not complete the poll on the members of the "Hotel Group", which accused french Youssef Boucheran, Saudi Abdel Rahman El Shanifi and another 18 others on charges of belonging to a terrorist organization and is planning to blow up the Beirut Southern Suburbs with suicidal bombs that carry explosive belts and try to kill the largest number of civilians and detonating one of them with the Springs bay at Hotel De Roy's hotel in Raouche District, when carried out by the National Security Police, "so that some defendants arrested Place to the courtroom, Session before January 15 Next.

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