Tuesday , February 7 2023

Al-Manar sports site »Paris Saint-Germain returns from Montpellier with a victory


Champion Defender and leader Saint-Germain of Paris returned from Montpellier with three points, winning 3rd in the thirteenth leg of the French Football League on Saturday.

Despite the importance of the match against the team with 4 consecutive victories and the status of the champion after the defeat and a tie in the two stages, German coach Thomas Tukel held Saturday’s substitution with three of the players who led the Paris club to victory in the middle of the week. with England Manchester United 3: 1 Champions League.

Tuhel kept Kailian Mbappi and the Brazilian Markinhos on the reserve bench, while the Brazilian Neimars, the Italian Marko Verratti and Prisnels Kvimembe did not go with the team.

The German coach wanted to give his stars a breather before the fateful game at home against Turkish Basaksehir on Tuesday, as he tries to win without taking into account the result of the second match between German United and Leipzig, who have an equal balance with the Paris club before the last round (9 points).

Despite having a free kick in a decent position 33 minutes in, Argentinian Angel Di María sustained a good free kick and the keeper flew in front of the keeper. reached a draw Steve Mavedidi, who deposited the ball past Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas.

The result remained unchanged until 77 minutes, when Italian Moise China managed to loot Saint-Germain’s lead from inside the zone after a quick counterattack by Brazil’s Ravinia before leaving Mbappe, who fought in the last quarter of the match and added a third goal. In the match and his tenth season in the league and a hundred Parisian club shirts after a nice game and ball exchange between Di Maria and Lavan Kurzava (1 + 90).

With his ninth victory this season, Saint Germain once again took the lead (28 points), four points ahead of Marseille, which beat Nimes 2-0 on Friday, while Montpellier remained 23rd in sixth place after a fourth failure this season.

Rennes continued to decline, suffering the first loss Lens had suffered since 2001, which was 0: 2.
After benefiting from an early end to the previous season and making an agreement before deciding to end the Corona virus outbreak, end the third season and participate in the Champions League for the first time in its history, Rennes started the new season promisingly, maintaining his unbeaten record in seven games. consecutive. .

But coach Julian Stefan’s team’s position has reversed since his first loss at home on 23 October to Angers (1-2), as he has since won one of ten matches he played locally and continuously, leading to a drop in the league’s overall standings and ended his career. Champions League group tournament (he has a point from 5 rounds).

And with the first loss at home to Lens since October 17 (League 1) as a result of two goals, Rennes immediately held 19 points in eighth place with Arno Kalimondo (28) and Cameroonian Ignatios Ganaago (78). Lens rose to seventh place with 21 points after winning only the second and sixth seasons in the last six stages.

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