Sunday , February 28 2021

Al-Akhbar newspaper

One last night, Ein el-Hilweh and its entrance stage were not consistent. In the streets of the camp, his Palestinian refugee family celebrated Israel's aggression in Gaza, exchanged with Baklava, and raised the voices of revolutionary songs. At the Lebanese army checkpoint, at the entrance to Heisbah, a long line of cars and passers-by, passing through the camp and entering the camp, awaiting their check and verification of their identity and the objects at their disposal. For the first time, the test reached the limit, forcing men and young men to raise clothes and shoes in the side room to uncover soldiers. While female soldiers accurately searched the bodies of women in the side room. The new method, the Palestinian taxi driver, lost his temper before the soldiers, refusing to submit to the woman who accompanied her to the test. All he could do was fight with one of the soldiers before he shot the protest in the air. His destiny was to stop.

Thus, without warning, the rigorous procedures in the camp were put in place by the army. Why the Lebanese military source said to Al-Akhbar that the measures are "based on security information, indicating that people wanting to leave Ein el-Hilweh". But another source said that the reason was "to change the elements after the Hesb and the state hospital." If the force placed at the entrance to the main camp in the hospital was used to apply strict procedures, I have moved her habits to her Hesba! "
The reasons for the army did not convince the Palestinian factions and forces in Ain al-Hilvah, whose leaders called for an urgent meeting in the light mosque. A statement by the Palestinian political leadership, proclaimed by the national and Islamic forces in the region of Sidonia "after the humiliating actions of our people," calling on the official authorities "to resolve the procedure and preventing security and stability from humiliation." After the meeting, representatives of the parties held a symbolic protest in front of the election in front of the al-Hesbah checkpoint camp. They later robbed a general strike with a general strike.

Fractions and forces yesterday carried out a protest that threatened the strike

Ain al-Hilweh, al-Miyah and Miyah camps testified to a protest in July after the installation of an army electronic inspection gate at entry camps, in the vicinity of Ein al-Hilweh with a concrete wall. According to repeated Palestinian leaders' reports, the army removed the gates which, in his opinion, were intended to "control the movement of expected men from and to camps". Violent actions that were taken yesterday did not include the Miyya and Mieh camps, which signaled violent clashes between Ansar Allah and Fatah in the weeks that followed. The army, whose main entrance has been handed over to the Palestinian National Security Forces Control Points, has maintained daily procedures that have not been changed since its introduction in mid-October.

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