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Ahli reveals six reasons that led him to repeat conversations with the good

Al Ahwar reveals six reasons that led him to repeat talks with Al-Saleh. We are publishing your visitors.

Al-Ahwar newspaper Soccer workers at the Al-Ahly club will continue to support the team and fill the deficit centers on the request of the French coach Patrice Cartiron, the club president and head of the football committee in preparation for the Mercato deal in January.

January Mahmoud Al Khatib announced his intention to sign heavyweight deals for January's Mercato and supported the team with great strength to compete for the African Champions League title and losses in the last two editions against Moroccan Wydad last year and Tunisian Tigers in the year of Turpina


A source in the red castle sector in the bomber sector, Eurosport Arabia, for joining Ahly in a conversation with Syrian Lebanese team defender Ahmed Al Saleh to support the back line in the next winter transfer.

French coach Patrice Cartieron in his reports to Mahmoud Khatib added that the new Mirkat winter defender had to take part in tackling the defensive challenges Red has suffered in recent races and have adopted many goals.

Cartier plans to meet with Khatib Mohamed Youssef, Chief Coach and Chief Executive Officer, at the club headquarters on Thursday to discuss the reasons behind the CAF Champions League name loss, winter deals and player listings.


The source said Ahmed Saleh, the Syrian defender again, Ahmed Saleh, this time for six reasons identified by the French coach and the committee ball to conclude a player contract, the first and most important is the lack of confidence in the committee Malal Salif Coulibali, a team defender who joined the Red Fort last summer If the Committee believes that the player is characterized not only by the length and precision of the ball at the intersection, but also easily movable and durable.

He added: "The Ball Committee is still in its previous position as a player, especially since the French Cartier is the one who was supposed to close him and confirmed the ball to the committee that the decision would be his responsibility, but after the player has just been playing with a team at both local and African levels, due to his departure in the winter or later in the summer. "

The source pointed out that the second reason Ahli had to talk to the Syrian defender is a serious defeat by Saad Samir and Cartier's intention to seriously return to the bench, correct his mistakes and focus on the team and regain his level, while the third reason is Cartier Ahmed's conviction Alaa, which last summer joined Al-Ahly and asked him to go out in the winter and lend him to one of the clubs in order to gain a regular membership experience.


He added: "The defendant's age, Mohammed Najib and the large number of injuries recently, with the possibility of flying to the end of the season, as well as the lack of clarity about the return of Rami Rabia in the next period, was equal to the level before injury, were the most important reasons leading to a conversation with the Syrian defender "

The source emphasized that the decision of the Egyptian football federation to regard Syrian players as local players is one of the most important reasons for Ahli's thinking in the inclusion of a Syrian player, which is characterized by length and strength.

Al Ahli played Ahmed Al-Saleham last season, but the physical demands of the Chinese club, played by Al-Saleh with his physical requests, led to a deal.

Al-Ahly has taken six goals in the last four Champions League matches, with two goals from the EU Setif Semifinals and four goals from the Esperance finals.

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