Thursday , February 25 2021

Ahlam Hassan is a Ph.D. in drama theater

Ahlam Hassan is a Ph.D. in drama theater
Ahlam Hassan is a Ph.D. in drama theater

Ahlam Hassan receives a doctorate in dramatic drama from a drama, cites a witness, we publish good dreams, you receive a doctoral degree in a dramatic drama, good dreams, you receive a doctorate in the theater, we today publish our visitors with new news through our charter and start with the most important news , Ahlam Hassan earns a doctorate in drama drama.

Harta Ahlmann Hassan received his doctorate from the University of Alexandria in the philosophy of drama drama literature.
"Thank God for discussing my doctoral dissertation and getting my doctorate, recommending you print a letter and circulate it to Arab universities. Those who do not thank people do not thank God," she said. She also sent a thank-you note to several people. Writer of the report, Professor Sophia Abbas, who did not dare to lead and advise me, because the words of gratitude are helpless to what she has given me and the President of the Association. Members of the faculty are the Supreme Institute of Dramatics Dr. Hussein Al-Hakam and Dr. Akhi Denit artist Tarek Al-Ali.
She also thanked other people who wanted to acknowledge their position with her. She concluded: "God does not take away your love and thank God that you are in my world … I love you."
The lecture was created by President Prof. Osama Abu Talib, Professor of Cairo Drama Academy of Art, head of the letter Dr Sofia Abbas and Professor Dr. Rania Fathallah.
Ahlul Hassan is a television and theater actress and professor at the Institute for the Supreme Dramatic Arts, who works as a director, she has a master's degree in directing from Lebanon, she has a lot of successful work, especially Dart Al Ayam, After Diaspora, Girl's Mother , "Girls from High School", as well as several actors, including Bint Haysboun, Majid, Fareej Heroes and Snow City. She also had a participation in the cinema through Adnan,.
The latest artistic work was done in Ramadan using the series Ibra Street, written by Hamad Al Roum, director Mounir Zoubi, with the main role of Suad Abdullah, Daoud Hussein, Jamal Radhan, Fatima Safi, Wahba Aldri.

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