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Men, more than women, are active in recreational activities – parachute jumping, water sports, skiing and other sports that can cause reddening of the face by adverse weather conditions – cold, humid, and wind. "If a woman finds more pronounced blood vessels on the face of the face, then men, for this extended, skin-related vascular problem – couperose, start to focus only when the cheeks and nose become red and the problem is irreversible. Laser therapy is often needed to reduce the appearance of non-esthetic skin. For prevention, it is advisable to use protective creams and also to choose the right cosmetic products on a daily basis, "says Linda Kapteine-Veita, dermatologist at SIA Veselības Centra 4.

Birthmarks and other breeds

It is advisable to consult a dermatologist if birthmarks, papillomas and other neoplasms are present in places that are continuously exposed to mechanical effects or have recently appeared, have changed their shape and color. If the birthmark is regularly traumatized – squashed or scalded, for example, when shaving a beard, there is a greater risk of it becoming malignant – melanoma. These birthmarks are recommended to be eliminated, especially if they are the birthmarks of a risk group.

It is advisable to eliminate or at least diagnose various neoplasms that lie between the eyes and the nose as they not only look non-inhaled, but also most commonly malignant, causing skin cancer. "There is also a very innovative skin cancer diagnostic method in Latvia, FotoFinder, which acts as a" skin detective "- the newest tumors are automatically analyzed and compared during the exam, thus helping to keep track of skin changes and detecting a possible malignancy as soon as possible," says SIA Health Center 4 "branch" Dermatology Clinic "dermatologist Linda Kapteine-Veita.

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Although body hair is often seen as a "sign" of a man, the hair tends to interfere with and also to look non-instinct to the strong sex. For example, in the summer when a person is heavily soaking, it is recommended to get rid of the hair in the armpits. Also, for business people, the wrists on the hands are strengthened by signing the contract, or the neck, when the feathers are looking out of the collar, may look nonessential. Often, men tend to grow in the ears, nose and on the nose, as well as thick, coarse or irregularly shaped eyebrows that can be corrected.

Of course, haircuts can be removed by hanging. However, nowadays the laser treatment is considered the most effective and painless method. SIA "Veselības centrs 4" filiāles "4. Dimension "and" Jugla Clinic "dermatologist Sandra Vizule admits that, thanks to state of the art apparatus technology, laser resurfacing has quite a lot of advantages over other hair removal methods. "But the main thing is to carry out this procedure with an experienced specialist – under the supervision of a doctor who will choose the most appropriate solution – the most appropriate laser device. Just like every skin type has its own cream or medicines for a health problem, each hair with its own color, structure and position requires an individual approach, "says S. Vizule.

Although it's heard that scars males are decorated, unfortunately acne vulgaris (acne) scars do not make a face or body. It is usually recommended to go to a dermatologist, who, considering the appearance of the scar (age, depth, color, relief), develops a plan for its elimination – recommends the most appropriate method for reducing them, from cosmetic skin bleaching to laser-lining procedures.

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