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The state must save our national wealth – local rye / article / LSM.LV


The registration of traditional specialty products of the European Union consists of four Latvian products, including rye bread. However, the bakeries soon doubt the future of rye bread, as real rye bread comes from a traditional rowan variety that is getting smaller. Andreas Brock, the winery of the Madona region, believes that the country should help maintain the traditional rye to continue the traditional roast baking.

At present, farmers choose hybrid varieties that are more productive and profitable.

In Latvia, until 2000, rye was sown on 60 000 hectares, but last year's hectares fell to 35,000, but if per capita, only Denmark in Denmark exceeds European rye production.

But breadmakers are worried about the quality of rye grain. Rye bread of real antiquity can only be obtained from traditional varieties, but growers are starting to produce hybrid varieties from the point of view of productivity.

Andrew Brock, the winery of the Madonna region, recognizes that national wealth is exactly what our local species is and should be preserved.

"I traveled from Berlin to Moscow to many countries and never saw any bribes I did. Our wealth is different.

We are an amber that shines in the world and the difference is in our eyes from which we make tasty bread.

This is the most important thing – to be different and to find space in the world, "Brock said.

Autumn is the time when only ground grains sell off accumulated solar energy in the summer. In the old times, the first oven was a holiday.

"People get flour from the mills, the lady begins to work." What came out of the rye? "Every old mother meets, looks, whines – what a bite has succeeded." The cross must be rejected – we succeeded and we will live, "Brock said.

But now the old varieties are a problem, the grain is difficult to access. There are bakers who buy grain from Lithuania or Estonia.

"If we were to give support to the rosemaker, we would get a lot of support, it would be rye in every field, and we would get 100-200 times more for the sowing of each grain." "We need to work to ensure that we clean our land and help the country," Brock said.

This year, by modifying the terms of direct payments to farmers, the Ministry of Agriculture gives a special code to the traditional grape variety Kaupo, thus obtaining statistics on the wide cultivation of the variety in Latvia, unlike hybrid varieties.

Pekers believe that the last moment is the preservation of rye and rye bread, which is a Latvian cultural heritage and national pride for future generations.

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