Friday , May 14 2021

Samsung Introduces Folding Screen – Smartphone Turns into Tablet – Photo

South Korean electronics company Samsung Electronics has presented a folding screen that allows the smartphone to be converted to a tablet, naming the company as the future of portable devices.

On Wednesday, San Francisco's Senior Vice President, Jastin Denison, revealed the folding prototype of the smartphone, pointing out that the company will be ready to launch mass production of these screens in the coming months.

Denison did not provide information about when a folding Samsung smartphone could reach consumers.

"This screen is the backbone of tomorrow's smartphone. When it's open, it's a tablet that offers a great screen experience. When it's closed, it's a phone that can be put in your pocket," said Denison.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of this week, the California based Royole announced that it will offer the world's first commercially available folding smartphone. Smartphone FlexPai available for orders with a starting price of 1,381 dollars (1,147 euros).

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